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Are Indians required to have a Schengen visa and travel insurance when visiting Europe?

Indian citizens planning to travel to Europe must apply for and obtain a visa before traveling to the Schengen area. The process of applying for a Schengen visa in India includes a series of procedures that every holder of an Indian passport must follow and the criteria that must be met.

Throughout the entire process, the Indian applicant must collect documents to prove their eligibility to obtain a visa. Among the most important documents is a confirmation of purchased travel medical insurance valid throughout the Schengen territory and for the entire period of stay in Europe.

buy schengen travel insurance from india

buying india schengen visa insurance may seem like a very easy thing to do. you just pay the money and you get it. Actually, buying insurance is exactly easy. However, deciding which company in India to buy travel insurance from and whether the insurance plan they offer for Indians is schengen compliant is a process in itself.

Below you can find a guide on how to buy schengen travel insurance from india and how to choose the best and cheapest insurance at the same time in several quick steps.

check if you meet the schengen insurance requirements

You can find tons of Indian and international travel insurance companies offering you schengen insurance online. however, many of them sound too good to be true. others offer you coverage and services you absolutely don’t need, but cost you a lot more money.

However, the most important thing to check in an insurance plan offered by any Indian insurance company or international company is what it covers. even before checking prices.

make sure the schengen travel insurance plan you are considering buying in india meets the following:

  • it covers the entire schengen territory because if it doesn’t, it’s not schengen travel insurance.
  • offers coverage for expenses arising as a result of medical emergencies, such as accidents and illnesses.
  • includes the repatriation of your body to india in case you die by natural death or by accident during your trip to the schengen area.
  • The minimum financial coverage for medical emergencies or repatriation must be €30,000.
  • Also, if you just went online and found a random schengen insurance provider for Indian passport holders, make sure it’s legit. Also, be very careful not to get scammed as many websites nowadays claim that they offer insurance for schengen, but they just take your money and you don’t get your insurance.

    look for health insurance provider reviews

    Most travel health insurance companies offer their customers the opportunity to rate and review their services. Although this may not seem like the best way to make a decision, it can really help.

    There will always be some dissatisfied customers, no matter how good the service is. however, you should consider general reviews and you can also learn a lot from the experiences of others.

    choosing a reputable travel medical insurance provider

    It is always best to choose reputable and experienced insurance providers that many others have used and have good reviews. In this way, you are sure to get the right insurance, which meets the schengen insurance requirements for Indian travelers, at a cheaper price.

    You may want to give some lesser-known insurance providers a try or one that claims to have cheaper insurance plans, but is it worth risking your visa application for?

    world-renowned travel insurance companies, europ assistance or mondialcare, offer schengen insurance plans for Indian passport holders, required to apply for a schengen visa from india.

    all these insurance companies are accepted by european embassies and consulates all over india.

    after completing all these steps, you will receive a document in your email confirming that you have purchased a schengen insurance and that you can use it once in the schengen territory. You must present this document at the Schengen Embassy in India, where you are applying for a visa, on the date of your appointment.

    Should the travel visa insurance policy cover all schengen countries?

    yes, the schengen travel insurance policy must cover all schengen countries:

    can i buy travel insurance from an indian health insurance company?

    yes, there is a list of approved Indian travel insurance companies, where you can buy travel medical insurance for the schengen visa procedure.

    This list comes into force on February 1, 2018 and is applied by all Schengen states, as well as the European Union member states of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania.

    The consular offices of the schengen states approved the corporate travel travel medical insurance policy schemes of the travel insurance companies on this list with 70 years of age as the upper limit of appropriate total coverage. acceptance of travel medical insurance policy schemes for group travel (for example, travel or incentive groups) with age 70 as the upper limit of adequate comprehensive coverage is conditioned by the capacity of state consular offices schengen to check the coverage of the individual members of these groups in the travel insurance portals of the non-life insurers of the general insurance council. Failure to comply with this verification may lead the consular offices of the Schengen states to request the presentation of a new travel medical insurance policy for the visa process.

    Warning: When buying from a local travel insurance company in India, make sure that the insurance policy covers all schengen member states (and states so) and that the insurance company has physical representation in at least one schengen status.

    schengen medical insurance for seniors in india

    Indian seniors (over 75 years old) cannot be insured by the above mentioned insurances. however, they can get travel medical insurance, e.g. through your family, friends or business associates in Europe, or they can get it online from mondialcare.

    > how to get schengen insurance for indian seniors & pensioners (over 75 years old)

    7 things Indians should know before traveling to Europe

    There are several things every Indian traveler should know before taking a flight to any of the schengen countries. You may have friends and family who have traveled to Europe before, but it is always better to get advice from professionals than advice from the first. you never know what they missed, that would get you in trouble.

    the main thing you need to know after buying schengen insurance from india is the following:

    1. Indian citizens need visas to enter the schengen zone. Of course, you may be exempt on various occasions, but in general, most Indians need a visa to enter the schengen territory.
    2. make sure you have the entry documents with you. When presenting at the Schengen port of entry, it may not be enough to present your Indian passport with the visa sticker. Schengen countries have different entry requirements, so you should check with the embassy before you start your journey. this could be proof of travel insurance, travel itinerary and accommodation, as well as means of subsistence.
    3. The euro is not the currency of all Schengen countries. many Indians seem to be confused by that; However, you must be clear that the euro is not the currency of all the countries of the Schengen area or of the European Union. many of them have not yet adopted the euro and use other currencies.
    4. Indians cannot travel to the UK on a schengen visa.
    5. make your reservations in advance. If you intend to visit the most famous tourist places in Europe, you should make reservations in advance, as it is very difficult to find tickets upon arrival. many other tourists will also be there trying to get a ticket, waiting in long lines, and you don’t want to waste your time doing it.
    6. have a map or map application. just wondering and asking random people on the street where a particular place is is not a smart idea. you want to make the best use of your time, so grab a map and plan ahead.
    7. take the correct plugs with you, as the plugs in Europe are different. The Europlug is a flat, two-pole, round-pin household AC power plug, rated for voltages up to 250V and currents up to 2.5A. while in india plugs and sockets are of type c, d and m. the standard voltage is 230v and the standard frequency is 50hz.
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