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In most states, auto insurance is required to drive legally. In certain cases, an insurance company may drop you, leaving you without coverage in the event you have an accident. Knowing what your options are after your policy has been canceled or not renewed can help ensure you take the right steps to secure coverage if this happens to you.

can car insurance companies let you?

Auto insurance companies may cancel or “cancel” your coverage, although you will usually be given enough notice to get a new policy. Your auto insurance company will likely send you a letter explaining why your coverage has been dropped. If the company refuses to explain its reasoning, you may want to contact your agent or a customer service representative to find out why your policy is being cancelled.

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Your auto insurance policy could be canceled if:

  • You didn’t pay your premium.
  • Your driver’s license was suspended or revoked.
  • You were not honest in your request.
  • If your policy has been in force for less than 60 days, there may be more scenarios that could lead to cancellation.

    what can you do after canceling your car insurance?

    If you received an auto insurance cancellation letter, your first step may be to understand why your policy is being canceled and how long you have to find replacement coverage. Your insurance company is required to contact you prior to any cancellation so you have time to find a new policy. the amount of notice you receive may depend on the regulations in your state.

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    If your auto insurance coverage is cancelled, you can try the following steps:

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