The 6 Best Wedding Insurance Policies of 2022

What is the best wedding insurance

Video What is the best wedding insurance

how we choose the best wedding insurance providers

In selecting our top picks for wedding insurance providers, we wanted to make sure the services we recommend were affordable, could provide the right experience, and had enough coverage offerings to protect you.

To do this, he checked several factors for US wedding insurance providers. including how long they’ve been in business, their nationwide availability, who underwrites their policies, did they offer quotes online, did they offer sample policies online, did they provide FAQs, testimonials and sample claims, and whether They offered the basic types of wedding insurance coverage (liability and cancellation).

companies were identified that not only offer their own program, but also act as sales partners behind other brands or other providers. Similarly, those that appear to sell their own insurance, but then redirected to one of our top picks, were eliminated unless we found value-added coverages or differences that might give you an advantage by checking both. For example, USAA could provide member benefits in addition to the wedding insurance itself.

Once an insurer passed these criteria, we dug deeper and then compared our finalists side by side to see what set them apart from each other and which ones could provide that extra added value. If a wedding insurer was missing essential features, we didn’t include them.

what we compare

Coverage Specifics: We read the wording and definitions in liability and cancellation contracts whenever possible, keeping in mind key coverage concerns to see how each might cover you in a claim.

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Value-Added Services: We reviewed each company to see what the coverage differentiators were and noted the items that stood out. for example, we looked at insurance for policy cancellation due to financial hardship such as sudden unemployment, change in heart coverage (only offered by one insurer), or the ability to add a small rider to cover cancellation, rather than make you buy a separate policy. politics, to name a few.

deductibles and coverage limits: We checked the maximum coverage limits available, if there were customization options or if it was a “one size fits all” plan. when clarification was needed, we called the insurers to ask how the coverage applied and paid attention to how intuitive everything they explained was. we also asked cross-checking questions when we didn’t see a certain type of coverage, to make sure we weren’t missing anything.

key takeaways

To find the best coverage and price for your situation, we found that knowing the answers to the following would help:

  • know your wedding costs to help decide if you need a more personalized policy or if the standard limits will suffice.
  • identify any major expenses you want to ensure are insured against smaller items that won’t affect you if you lose your deposit.
  • consider if you can pay a higher deductible to save money (not all insurers allow you to customize your deductible or coverages); if your costs are lower, a plan with no deductible might be a better option.
  • the number of guests, the number of days of coverage you need, and the type of venue you choose will determine the cost of insurance up or down.
  • Check once you have your list of necessities, expenses, deposits, and other items you may or may not want to insure, and see what each insurer offers.
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