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Động từ bất nguyên tắc (Base form/Past Simple/Past Participle): see / saw / seen


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Từ điển Collocation

see verb

1 become aware of sth using your eyes

ADV. clearly | dimly | hardly I could hardly see because of the smoke. | just We could just see the hotel in the distance. | suddenly

VERB + SEE be able lớn, can/could I could see the boat quite clearly now. | strain khổng lồ | be amazed to, be surprised khổng lồ He was surprised khổng lồ see Lucy standing there. | be relieved khổng lồ | be glad khổng lồ, be overjoyed to lớn, be pleased to I"m glad khổng lồ see that you"re keeping well. | let sb A dolphin? Oh, let me see!

PHRASES turn and see He turned và saw her smile.

2 meet/visit sb

VERB + SEE want to, wish to lớn What is it you want to see me about? | live khổng lồ He didn"t live sầu to see his grandchildren. | be glad khổng lồ, be overjoyed khổng lồ, be pleased lớn Aren"t you pleased lớn see me?

PREPhường. about She"s gone khổng lồ see the mechanic about getting her oto repaired.

3 go with/accompany sb

PHRASES see sb trang chủ Don"t worry, I"ll see you trang chính.

4 understand/realize sth

VERB + SEE can/can"t, don"t I can see why you were so angry about it. I don"t see why she should get more money than the others. | be difficult to lớn It is difficult to lớn see how khổng lồ get round this problem.

5 find out

VERB + SEE want to I want to lớn see how they"ll react. | let sb Let"s see what happens.

PHRASES go and see ‘Has the post come yet?’ ‘I"ll just go & see.’ | wait & see ‘Is he going to lớn get better?’ ‘I don"t know, we"ll just have to wait and see.’

Từ điển WordNet

the seat within a bishop"s diocese where his cathedral is located


perceive sầu by sight or have the power to perceive sầu by sight

You have to be a good observer to see all the details

Can you see the bird in that tree?

He is blind--he cannot see

go to see for professional or business reasons

You should see a lawyer

We had to see a psychiatrist

go lớn see for a social visit

I went to see my friend Mary the other day

receive sầu as a specified guest

the doctor will see you now

The minister doesn"t see anytoàn thân before noon

see & understvà, have a good eye

The artist must first learn lớn see

deliberate or decide

See whether you can come tomorrow

let"s see--which movie should we see tonight?

observe as if with an eye

The camera saw the burglary & recorded it

match or meet

I saw the bet of one of my fellow players

English Idioms Dictionary

date, go out with, hang out with Derek is seeing Angie. Aren"t they a nice couple?

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sees|saw|seeing|seensyn.: observe notice note peer watch remark discern Chuyên ổn mục: Hỏi Đáp

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