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How to start a independent insurance agency

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Starting an agency from scratch is possible, but can be very challenging. Owning an agency gives you the ability to be your own boss, have the satisfaction of helping people protect their securities and investments, as well as providing you with good earning potential for many years to come.

make your plan to succeed

There are many things you’ll need to consider when starting an agency from scratch, from a business plan to financing and investing in education. Small Business Administration can help you understand if being an entrepreneur is right for you, questions to ask, steps to start a business, data development, and more.

investment capital research

You’ll need start-up capital to cover things like office space, equipment and furniture, e&o insurance, and marketing. And don’t forget you have to pay yourself. the big i” has an affiliated bank, insurbanc, that specializes in helping independent agencies with business financing and cash management.

obtain an insurance license and comply with state regulations

In all states, you must be licensed to sell insurance. You will be required to take a certain number of training hours and sit for a licensing exam. In most states, you’ll need a license for each type of insurance you want to sell. pre-licensing, licensing and continuing education are state specific. choose and contact your local state association with a big i for help understanding this critical aspect of running an insurance operation. Rules on the sale of insurance and consumer protection information are available through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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how to access insurance companies

after you are licensed, you will need to have access to insurance companies to have insurance products to sell. To get an appointment to sell insurance with many companies, you’ll need a marketing plan, some sales background, and a solid business plan. Research your anticipated customer base and learn which companies will serve them best. the big “i” can help with access to personal lines markets through our new agency eagle agency program.

Other resources include:

  • the right start series: a set of tools to grow and get your business appointments helps you prepare for the conversation with companies.
  • am best company is also a good resource to help you understand which insurance markets to represent.

developing your great management skills

You need to excel in sales, marketing, and administrative management to operate a successful insurance agency at the start-up level. You’ll have to wear many hats and you’ll need a variety of skills to ensure success.

the big “i” helps independent agents through:

  • the great virtual “i” university is a comprehensive insurance technical resource with thousands of articles and an area dedicated to agency ownership.
  • understanding the current market and consumer base with our market resource groups and prepare for agency growth with our diversity resources.
  • Review the management products available through our best practices program.
  • develop talent and support the future of the industry through young agents with the big “i” and diversity and inclusion programs.
  • Build your agency’s technology and let it work for you, seeing the big picture through our advice of technology agents.
  • Sell your agency by leveraging the tools and resources created by the only national brand for independent agents: trusted choice.
  • train employees through the basics of the big “i” vu and beyond the agent training program.
  • Learn how big “i” professional liability can protect your agency, including cyber liability coverage, to keep your agency’s and clients’ important data safe.
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developing your technical knowledge

  • Access our fully searchable and online resource library: Big “I” Virtual University for Big “I” members only.
  • check out and register for webinars offered through the big “i” vu
  • check your state association education department with the local big “i” for Learn about educational opportunities. click here for a map of the state.
  • learn about important mistakes & omissions insurance coverage and risk management for your online agency at e&o happens.

monthly reading to stay on trend

the independent agent magazine focuses monthly on areas that are critical to the independent agency system. Through the wide variety of free content, you can stay ahead of what’s next in the industry and incorporate what you’ve learned into your agency operations. benefit from agency operations and best practice articles; understand the critical need to recruit, hire, train, and prepare for the future; develop successful sales and marketing strategies to help you prosper; and plan for the future with perpetuation and valuation information.

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