How Much Does Scooter Insurance Cost? Here&039s The Average

Whether you have a moped, vespa or turino, having adequate scooter insurance is essential. Not only will this coverage protect you and your bank account if you’re injured or in an accident, but in many cases, it’s required by law.

Usually scooter insurance falls under the umbrella of motorcycle insurance. When shopping for coverage, you’ll want to consider average costs (shown in the table below), as well as the various factors that can influence those costs. Fortunately, as outlined below, there are discounts you can use to lower those costs.

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Looking for insurance coverage for your moped or scooter? Use this guide to learn about the average cost of scooter insurance, commonly offered discounts you might be eligible for, and the various factors that can affect your premiums.

on this page:

  • what is the average cost of scooter insurance?
  • how the type of insurance coverage you select affects costs
  • other factors influencing moped or scooter insurance costs
  • how to reduce the cost of your scooter insurance
  • Where can I compare scooter insurance?
  • what is the average cost of scooter insurance?

    Our research shows that the average scooter insurance costs about $50.10 per month for basic coverage and $115.78 per month for enhanced coverage. however, prices vary by carrier and our quotes ranged from $31.67 (progressive) to $56.58 (national) for basic coverage.

    To obtain our quotes, we use the following data:

    1. driver: single, 25-year-old female, no accidents in the last five years (employee, has valid motorcycle license issued 1/2018, no off-road safety course , you are not a member of any organization)
    2. location: houston, texas (tenant, 409 travis street, apt. 2704, 77002)
    3. vehicle: 2019 vespa gt200 granturismo (purchased new Jan 2019, fully owned, new price $10,500, no custom parts, used for pleasure, 1000 miles per year)
    4. Here’s how scooter and moped insurance costs vary by company:

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      note: the above quotes vary by level of coverage. we included quotes that closely followed the basic and enhanced policies described in the section below. *quotes displayed included automatically added discounts.

      how the type of insurance coverage you select affects your costs

      The cost of scooter insurance increases as you add coverage and expand the limits of that coverage. policies with lower deductibles also have higher premium costs.

      The following allstate plan options demonstrate this, with the Basic insurance policy offering the least amount of coverage and the Enhanced (the most expensive option) offering significantly more coverage per accident.

      If you’re looking for scooter insurance, it’s important to get the right coverage at a price you can afford. Comparing prices can help you do this, as premiums can vary significantly from company to company. Adjusting your coverage amounts can also help.

      but these two factors are not the only ones that affect the quoted premiums. various other elements also play a role, and we’ll break them down below.

      other factors affecting moped or scooter insurance costs?

      Coverage and insurer aren’t the only things that can influence the rate you get on your scooter insurance policy.

      When you apply, companies will also consider the following factors when setting your rate:

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