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Businesses that provide automotive services, such as body shops, parking garages, towing companies, and service stations, must protect themselves against a variety of liabilities.

The act of storing customer vehicles carries several risks. therefore, it is essential that these companies purchase garage insurance. here’s a close look at this form of protection.

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what is garage keepers insurance?

car technician repairing car in workshop service stationGarage keepers insurance is a form of specialty insurance that shields the vehicles that customers leave with auto repair shops and other automotive businesses.

Depending on the type of business, a vehicle (car, truck, or commercial van) may still be parked or stored after it has been repaired.

In fact, it is during this time period that vehicles are most at risk of damage. Garage attendant insurance can help auto companies avoid paying large sums of money out of pocket in the event a customer files a claim and sues you.

types of coverage

Most garage owners insurance policies include three types of coverage: direct primary coverage (which protects businesses regardless of who is at fault for the damages), liability coverage, and direct excess coverage. These coverages offer protection against several different incidents, including:

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