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How much is chiropractic malpractice insurance

can you sue a chiropractor for injuries?

If you are a client, you can sue a chiropractor for any injury or damage. In practice, attorneys will help you file a lawsuit against a chiropractic professional if these conditions are met:

  • there is a compelling reason your injury was chiropractic related

    such an injury caused not only significant physical harm but also economic loss

    Keep in mind that in addition to treatment injuries, you can also sue a chiropractor for any accident that occurs on the clinic premises caused by poor housekeeping or any other reason related to business operations.

    If you believe a chiropractor touched you inappropriately or did not use the necessary care during treatment, then filing a malpractice lawsuit is an option. feel free to do this. Chiropractors should be held accountable for any shady act committed while performing their job.

    In the event of a lawsuit, are chiropractors covered by insurance? it is important to ask this question. Keep in mind that a chiropractor with a valid insurance policy can easily compensate for your damage or loss.

    Insurance and Chiropractors: Are chiropractors covered by insurance?

    So, does insurance cover chiropractors? The companies offer a specialized insurance product for chiropractic therapists called chiropractic insurance. A typical chiropractor’s insurance includes liability insurance policies, commercial insurance policies, and malpractice insurance. the following sections thoroughly discuss these.

    civil liability insurance for chiropractors

    Chiropractor liability insurance is a collective term for different policies that protect a chiropractor from lawsuits and their cost. Insurers offer basic protection to chiropractic care professionals by offering the following chiropractor liability insurance policies:

    • overall responsibility

      professional responsibility

      general liability insurance

      General liability insurance is a policy that helps pay the cost of claims brought by a chiropractor’s patient due to property damage or personal injury. While it is true that chiropractic care can provide treatment for different bodily ailments, there are also cases where it did the opposite.

      According to research published in 2015, the probability of suffering injuries due to chiropractic treatment is 40 per 100,000 patients. Here is a table showing the exact injuries some patients have experienced due to chiropractic treatment, as well as the cost:

      Chiropractors have legal responsibility if the patient can prove that the treatment resulted in injuries and other damages. For this reason, those who provide chiropractic care must have general liability insurance as a shield. This chiropractor liability insurance offers $1 million up to $2 million coverage for a chiropractor to pay attorney fees, other legal costs, and compensation for victim damages.

      Please note that chiropractic general liability insurance may come with optional chiropractic liability insurance called Products and Completed Operations coverage, which is helpful if the patient claims to have sustained physical injuries at some point after chiropractic treatment

      general liability insurance for chiropractors near me

      Before reading about professional liability insurance for chiropractors, take some time to use our free and intuitive quote generator. simply click “get quotes” and provide the necessary details. Once you’re done, our online tool will send you quotes from the nearest insurance companies that offer general liability insurance for chiropractors.

      professional liability insurance for chiropractors

      Malpractice lawsuits are another exposure that chiropractors have to cover with insurance. Chiropractors paying hefty sums after losing malpractice lawsuits have already occurred. here are some examples:

      • violating the standard of chiropractic care

        Thomas Thornatore sued a chiropractor for $500,000 after suffering a herniated disc requiring a spinal injury

        a north mackay chiropractor faced a $1 million lawsuit because the client began experiencing various problems after a two-session chiropractic treatment

        Chiropractic professional liability insurance provides $1 million up to $2 million toward the cost of attorneys’ fees, other legal costs, and compensation. Chiropractor professional liability insurance coverage is triggered when a client holds a chiropractor liable for:

        • not having the experience and knowledge necessary for the proper practice and execution of chiropractic care

          possess lesser chiropractic skill or ability than the usual chiropractic expert

          despite having knowledge and skills, does not use said knowledge and skills to provide the appropriate service that every patient needs

          chiropractic malpractice insurance

          Chiropractor malpractice insurance works to provide protection against the unique risks associated with the delivery of chiropractic treatment. Actually, chiropractor malpractice insurance provides coverage for:

          • lawsuits against chiropractors accusing them of incompetence that resulted in bodily injury to the patient

            lawsuits derived from inadequate diagnoses and not requesting the express consent of the patient before carrying out the treatment

            lawsuits arising from the delivery of substandard chiropractic treatment

            Lawsuits resulting from patient discrimination based on culture, ethnicity, race, or color

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