Conjugate là gì

If a verb conjugates, it has different forms that show different tenses, the number of people it refers khổng lồ, etc., và if you conjugate a verb, you list its different forms:

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Since expansive sầu geodesic flows of compact surfaces have sầu no conjugate points, the accessibility property holds for every two-dimensional expansive geodesic flow.
Other conjugates showed a variable degree of cross-reactivity with jird immunoglobulins, but their reactions were inferior to the aforementioned anti-mouse or anti-rat immunoglobulin conjugates.
The targeting lig& is covalently coupled to lớn the drug, making the efficiency of drug loading & uptake comparatively lower than in polymer- drug conjugates.
To achieve this with the same fluorochrome moiety, different carrier structures were generated using conjugated aromatic rings.
In particular, the resulting parabolic bản đồ is topologically conjugate to lớn the hyperbolic function it originated from.
The convergent path will be cyclical if two of the three eigenvalues with negative sầu real parts are complex conjugates.
This " conjugation phase ", where individuals may conjugate and recombine their genomes, is separate from, and precedes, reproduction.
Children who have been brought up in an age of television are not as ready to sit in rows conjugating irregular verbs as their predecessors.
The beam profile was maintained up to the maximum average pulse power, as the amplified beam was well phase conjugated.
The diagram of the conjugate shape may be obtained from the diagram of shape by interchanging rows và columns.
Hence, we also investigated the effect of combining conjugate vaccination with reductions of antibiotic exposure.

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a type of dance in which the rhythm is kept by the noise of the dancer"s shoes on the floor

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