Cheap SR-22 Insurance: Cheapest Companies by State in 2022

Who has cheap sr22 insurance

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The cheapest SR-22 insurance is from Geico, AAA, and Grange Insurance, according to WalletHub’s analysis of 17 major insurers. In addition to relatively low premiums for drivers who need an SR-22, these companies offer discounts that can help policyholders save even more on their high-risk coverage.

the cheapest sr-22 insurance companies

  • geico: $556 per year
  • yyyy: $576 per year
  • farm insurance: $615 per year
  • progressive: $669 per year
  • mercury: $700 per year
  • united states: $713 per year
  • travellers: $740 per year
  • wawanese: $745 per year
  • insurance: $769 per year
  • kemper: $873 per year
  • 21st century: $897 per year
  • On average, an SR-22 requirement will increase a driver’s premium by up to 18%. If your state requires you to have an SR-22, your insurance company will file the form with the DMV on your behalf and will charge you a filing fee of $15 to $25. depending on your state, you will need to keep your filing for 1 to 5 years.

    the cheapest sr-22 insurance companies

    geico is the cheapest auto insurance company for drivers with an sr-22 due to its competitive rates ($556 per year) and generous discounts. In addition to consistently being one of the cheapest insurance companies across the board, Geico has excellent ratings from Wallethub editors and customers.

    geico also offers a wide range of coverage options, in addition to sr-22 insurance. this includes non-owners insurance, which is a great alternative for sr-22 drivers who don’t own a vehicle.

    aaa is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies for sr-22 drivers. AAA also has excellent ratings from consumer watchdog groups and offers a wide variety of coverage options and discounts.

    In addition to its well-known roadside assistance program, AAA offers retail benefits and trip planning services to its members. however, aaa tends to receive more customer complaints than its peers, and its customer service could use some improvement.

    grange insurance has great rates for sr-22 insurance and positive consumer reviews. grange also offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts. however, grange only operates in 13 states.

    progressive has a great collection of discounts available and their claims process is consistently praised for being fast and convenient. Perhaps most importantly, Progressive also offers competitive rates for SR-22 drivers. They also have non-homeowners insurance as part of their wide range of coverage options.

    although mercury is only available in eight of the states that use sr-22 forms, they are still a great option for high-risk drivers. Mercury offers competitive rates and has a large selection of discounts available.

    While they have a wide variety of coverage options, Mercury’s customer service isn’t the best. Mercury also doesn’t allow people to buy policies online, which can be frustrating for tech-savvy consumers.

    usaa is an excellent choice for sr-22 drivers who are current or former military members, or family members of one. usaa has cheaper rates than many of its competitors. Additionally, USAA receives good reviews from consumer watchdog groups and the editors of WalletHub. usaa also offers a long list of discounts and coverage options, including non-homeowners insurance.

    however, their claims process and customer service department don’t always get rave reviews.

    travelers has great reviews from consumer watchdog groups and wallethub editors. They also offer a significant variety of discounts and coverage options, including non-homeowners insurance. However, Travelers is more expensive than some of its competitors for SR-22 insurance.

    wawanesa is only available to drivers in california and oregon. Despite that, Wawanesa offers a wide range of coverage options and has rave reviews from consumer watchdog groups. however, wawanesa is more expensive for high-risk drivers with sr-22 than some of its larger competitors.

    Esurance’s fully online system can be a big plus for tech-savvy drivers in need of an SR-22. Esurance also has very competitive prices and discounts.

    However, they lack a diverse list of coverage options and a lack of local agents can make managing policies a bit difficult. they also get complaints about delayed claims and unexpected rate increases.

    cheapest sr-22 insurance by state

    tips for finding cheap sr-22 insurance

    1. compare prices

    Considering how expensive SR-22 insurance is, it’s important to explore your options so you can find the most affordable policy. It’s generally recommended that you compare quotes from at least three different insurance companies before purchasing a policy to find the best deal.

    2. look for discounts

    In addition to comparing quotes, you should also compare discounts between auto insurance companies. If you have an SR-22, you may not be able to qualify for discounts related to safe driving, but you can still find discounts that are based on your policy choices or your car.

    For example, many insurers offer discounts to drivers who opt for paperless billing and pay their policy in full up front. Plus, you can often get a discount if your vehicle is equipped with certain security features or anti-theft devices.

    3. consider limiting your coverage

    No matter what, you must meet your state’s minimum coverage requirements in order to drive legally. But getting more coverage beyond that is up to you, and if you’re having a hard time affording SR-22 insurance, sticking with the minimum coverage may be the best option. Keep in mind that if your car is leased or financed, you must also meet the requirements of your lender or lessor.

    4. buy a non-owner’s policy

    If you don’t own a vehicle, a non-owner auto insurance policy is a great way to meet your state’s SR-22 requirement at a low price. SR-22 non-owners insurance covers you when you drive rented or borrowed vehicles, and since it doesn’t cover a specific car, it’s generally less expensive than standard SR-22 insurance policies. however, this is only an option if you don’t own a car and don’t live with someone who does.

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    wallehub editors compared 17 auto insurance companies to determine the cheapest options for sr-22 insurance. Premiums reflect the average of a series of quotes obtained from Quadrant Information Services, using California zip codes and state minimum insurance coverage.

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