Eligibility Requirements

Who can claim unemployment insurance

To receive unemployment benefits, you must meet all eligibility requirements when you apply and when you certify for benefits.

requirements to apply

When applying for unemployment benefits, you must:

  • have earned sufficient wages during the base period.
  • to be totally or partially unemployed.
  • be unemployed through no fault of your own.
  • be physically able to work.
  • be available to work.
  • be ready and willing to accept work immediately.
  • If you believe you are misclassified as an independent contractor, we encourage you to apply for benefits and we will determine your eligibility.

    A base period is a specific 12-month term that edd uses to see if you earned enough wages to establish a claim. To learn how we determine your base period, review How Unemployment Benefits Are Calculated (for 8714ab) (pdf).

    Your weekly benefit amount (wba) ranges from $40 to $450. To get an estimate of what you will receive, use the Unemployment Benefits Calculator.

    For more information on how we calculate benefits, please see the following resources:

    • how unemployment benefits are calculated (from 8714ab) (pdf)
    • A Guide to Employment Benefits and Services (from 1275a) (pdf)
    • california employer’s guide (of 44) (pdf)
    • weekly benefit certification requirements

      You must meet the eligibility requirements for each week you certify for benefits. you must be:

      • physical ability to work.
      • available to work.
      • ready and willing to accept work immediately.
      • To request benefit payments, you must certify for benefits by submitting a certification online, by phone, or by mail.

        Note: You must serve a one-week unpaid waiting period on your claim before unemployment benefits are paid. the waiting period can only be met if you certify for benefits and meet all eligibility requirements for that week. Your first certification will generally include the one week payless waiting period and one week of pay if you meet the eligibility requirements for both weeks.certify for benefits every two weeks to continue receiving benefit payments.

        certifying is the process of answering basic questions every two weeks that tells us you are still unemployed and eligible to continue receiving benefit payments. Your claim or payment could be delayed if you answer the questions incorrectly. For help answering these questions, visit Understanding Certification Questions or review Unemployment Benefits Certification Question Information (YouTube).

        If the information provided on your certification shows that you have not met the eligibility requirements, we will schedule a phone interview to determine your eligibility. If you disagree with the decision to reduce or deny benefits, you can file an appeal.

        Important: Most clients are required to register with caljobs and create a resume online that employers can view. You must meet this requirement within 21 days of receiving your Notice of Requirement to Register for Work form (from 8405). Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a delay or loss of benefits. see how to sign up for caljobs and post a resume (youtube) for more information.

        what happens if you quit or get fired?

        We will schedule a phone interview to discuss your claim and the circumstances. if you resign, you must show good cause to do so. if you are fired, your employer must prove misconduct. either party can disagree with the decision and file an appeal.

        If you do not receive a call at your scheduled appointment time, we may have canceled your appointment because we confirmed your eligibility or resolved the issue prior to your interview. if your appointment has been cancelled, it will no longer be displayed in the online user interface. check ui online for your current payment status.

        job search requirement

        To be eligible for benefits, most people must make a reasonable effort to find a suitable job. We recommend that you keep a record of job search dates and employer contact information for future use and possible eligibility interviews.

        Your individual instructions for conducting a work search are listed on your unemployment insurance award notice (from 429z). For more information, visit Job Seekers: Back to Work.

        additional resources

        • filing a claim – claim process: a step-by-step explanation of what happens when you file a ui claim.
        • benefit determination guide: information on unemployment law based on state and federal regulations.
        • Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about eligibility.
        • Unemployment Insurance: After You File: Information on the important steps you need to take to ensure your benefit payments are not delayed or denied.

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