Anthem BCBS – Requirements for Weight Loss Surgery

anthem bcbs may cover weight loss surgery as long as your policy does not specifically exclude coverage. Obesity Coverage strongly believes that morbid obesity is a disease and that all insurance companies should cover these life-saving procedures. therefore, we are pleased to report that many anthem bcbs policies cover weight loss surgery. in fact, most of the blue cross blue shield network has some form of coverage for weight loss surgery.

It’s important to know that your employer can generally exclude weight-loss surgery insurance coverage for their employee policies. the exclusion usually saves the company money on your premiums. contact information for your bcbs anthem is below. Before you call, be sure to review our questions to ask before calling your insurance company.

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blue cross of california is the brand name for anthem bcbs, so your criteria for weight loss surgery will be the same as here.

anthem bcbs pre-approval requirements

the elements below are the minimum necessary for the approval of your weight loss surgery.

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