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Where can i get my teeth cleaned without insurance

Keeping teeth healthy and clean can be expensive. the average cost of a dental cleaning can be more than $100 (an uninsured cavity filling could be twice as much), and two cleanings per year are recommended. Fortunately, there are a few ways to preserve your personal finances and your teeth at the same time.

1. join a dental network

If you can’t afford traditional dental insurance, consider joining a dental network for visit-by-visit savings. dentalplans and carefreedental are two options to check online. Within these networks and plans, you pay a membership for the benefit of receiving discounted rates from participating dental providers.

You can search for providers based on essential criteria, such as location and type of operation, if you need more than ordinary cleaning. A dental network can be a good option for young families who can’t afford insurance but plan to get the most out of their membership.

2. look for unique discounts

If you’re just looking for a short-term solution (ie getting a cleanse), look for discounts on the web, like groupon’s. Dental offices often offer price reductions for first-time patients (or patients looking to make a multi-appointment commitment). you can zero in on dentist offices in your area and go from there.

3. go to dental school

there are about 65 accredited dental schools in the us. uu. and 335 more for aspiring dental hygienists. It should come as no surprise that most of them offer free (or nearly free) basic services, like cleanings, to walk-ins looking for lower costs. after all, dental students need to practice.

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You may be able to easily find a program near you online by searching for local schools or get the contact information for your state dental director by visiting the astdd website.

There are also free dental clinics across the country, and the American Dental Association offers a list of options. You can also go one step further by participating in a clinical trial for free dental services. Visit for information on how and when you can participate.

4. do-it-yourself dental cleaning

buy your own home dental cleaning kit. it will still cost some money, and you may not feel comfortable sticking a tartar scraper, say, inside your mouth, but if you’re willing to put in some time, you can train yourself or a friend to help you keep your teeth, all from the comfort of your home.

Take-home products, like products of all kinds, vary in quality. it’s important to do your research (or consult with a friend in the dental field, if you have one) about the best possible purchase. Plus, preventative measures (i.e. brushing your teeth after meals) can also prevent that cavity from turning into a root canal in the future.

5. negotiate with a dentist near you

use us uu. health resource and service management mapping tool to find a low-cost dentist near you. Once you’ve zeroed in on an office that’s close enough to you, see if there’s additional wiggle room within their prices. Among the things you can ask: would paying up front limit your total bill, and if not, would you be able to pay your bill in installments.

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