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If you don’t have a dental plan, you’re not alone. one in three Americans lack dental insurance.1 the number one reason adults don’t prioritize dental care is cost.2 however, there are low-cost options to explore and backup solutions if insurance isn’t an issue. possibility.

Unfortunately, the cost of dental care for uninsured adults can also be incredibly high. routine dental cleanings can cost close to $200, while more serious treatments like braces can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.3

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Getting regular checkups and dental cleanings can help prevent costly oral problems later on. Having some type of cost-effective dental plan, like those offered by Aflac, can help you avoid the high fees that can come with buying dental care without insurance.

how much does dental care cost without insurance?

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Affordable dental care without insurance is no easy task. To help you get a better idea of ​​what dental costs can be like without insurance, we’ve put together some numbers:

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