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What is the cost of medicare supplemental insurance

medicare supplemental insurance, or medigap, helps cover the cost of some of the out-of-pocket costs required by original medicare (medicare parts a and b), like deductibles, copays, coinsurance and more.

The average cost of Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2022 is $143.46 per month for a 65-year-old, while the average premium for Medicare Plan F is $184.93 per month.

You can compare medicare supplemental plans and how much they cost online for free. Getting a free medicare supplemental plan comparison is a great way to compare plans available where you live to learn your costs and find the right plan for your budget.

Determining a true average cost isn’t easy, but Medicare supplement insurance plans can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 per month, depending on a number of factors. The chart below shows the range of monthly premiums for some of the most popular medigap plans for a 65-year-old non-smoker in several different parts of the country.

*The quotes listed below represent only a small sample of the medicare supplemental plans that may be available in the following areas. Costs listed are taken from the official Medicare Plan Finder,

los angeles, ca

$97 – $268

$178 – $394

$171 – $396

$128 – $315

$55 – $124

$100 – $221

$98 – $266

dallas, texas

$109 – $607

$135 – $443

$139 – $445

$109 – $422

$55 – $149

$78 – $265

$87 – $337

cleveland, oh

$78 – $366

$145 – $414

$148 – $417

$114 – $401

$45 – $128

$82 – $248

$101 – $356

topeka, kansas

$105 – $373

$143 – $421

$137 – $457

$119 – $406

$58 – $136

$77 – $244

$92 – $347

albany, new york

$139 – $263

$258 – $414

$242 – $414

$189 – $378

$66 – $141

$139 – $202

$154 – $216

medicare supplement insurance cost factors

As you can see from the chart above, the cost of a medicare supplemental insurance plan can vary considerably. And there are several factors that can influence the pricing of a plan.

plan coverage

An important factor in the cost of a medicare supplemental insurance plan is the level of coverage provided. There are nine benefit areas covered by the 10 standardized medigap insurance plans that are available in most states. the coverage of each plan is standardized by the federal government and remains consistent across carriers in all states.

The table below shows the coverage provided by each medicare supplemental insurance plan.

Plans that offer more coverage can sometimes be more expensive than plans with more basic coverage.


Medicare Supplement Insurance is sold by private insurance companies that set their own plan prices. Just as the same pair of shoes can cost much more at one store than another, the same medigap plan can cost a different amount between two insurance companies.


The cost of living can be significantly different in one market compared to another. It’s not uncommon for a product to cost more in a big city than in a more rural setting, and the same can be said for medicare supplemental insurance plans.

You may also find that areas with more plan options may have lower costs due to increased competition.

registration time

If you apply for a medicare supplemental insurance plan during your medigap open enrollment period, you will have guaranteed emission rights. that means an insurance company can’t use medical underwriting to charge you a higher rate for your coverage.

However, if you sign up outside of this period or during any other time when you do not have a guaranteed broadcast right, you will no longer be protected and providers may charge you a higher rate due to your status. health.


Other reasons you might be eligible for guaranteed issue rights include if you move to an area not covered by your previous plan, your insurance company stops offering your plan, or you lose coverage for unforeseen circumstances. outside his will. .

pricing structure

Medicare supplement insurance companies typically price their plans in one of three ways based on age.

  • They could charge everyone the same rate regardless of age. this is called a community-rated plan.
  • may base your rate on the age you joined the plan. this is called an issue age-qualified plan.
  • Some plans may increase your rate for each year you complete while enrolled in the plan. this is called an age-rated plan.
  • discounts

    It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to offer discounts on medicare supplemental insurance plans. discounts are often available for non-smokers, married couples, and other criteria. be sure to ask your insurance agent or insurance company about possible discounts that may be available.


    Because women have a longer life expectancy, they are sometimes awarded lower premiums for Medicare supplement insurance plans.

    additional costs to know

    There are a few additional things to know about the costs associated with a Medicare supplement insurance plan.

    • two plans, plan f and plan g, have a high deductible option available in some areas. the high deductible version of these plans has a lower monthly premium than the standard version in exchange for a deductible. plan coverage does not begin until the deductible has been met. the deductible for these plans in 2022 is $2,490 for the year.
    • Two plans, Plan K and Plan L, have an annual out-of-pocket limit. Once the beneficiary has reached the out-of-pocket limit for covered services, the plan pays 100% of the cost of covered care for the rest of the year. the 2022 out-of-pocket limits are $6,620 for plan k and $3,310 for plan l.
    • While Plan n covers 100% of the cost of Medicare Part B coinsurance, the Plan requires a copay of up to $20 for certain office visits and up to $50 for non-emergency room visits. a hospitalization.
    • compare medicare supplement plan costs near you

      The easiest way to collect medicare supplemental insurance plan costs is to contact a licensed insurance agent who can collect price quotes for various companies that sell medigap plans in your location. you can also compare free plans online.

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