What Is SR-50 Insurance?

sr-50 insurance is a form used in indiana for a person to provide proof of insurance for their motor vehicle to the indiana bureau of motor vehicles. the form must include the start and end dates of the current policy.

why does indiana require sr-50 insurance?

indiana state law requires drivers to assume financial responsibility for accidents. If someone is convicted of a moving violation or has been in an accident, the SR-50 insurance form must be completed and submitted to BMV. After the form is accepted, the driver will receive a form acknowledging their compliance.

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The driver’s insurance company may be required to complete a certificate of compliance and return it to the bmv within 40 days. Otherwise, the driver could face suspension of his license.

suspension for non-compliance

If a driver does not complete the process, or is found to be uninsured at the time the accident or traffic violation occurred, then they may be subject to a one-year driver’s license suspension.

Depending on the precise auto insurance, the suspension will suspend all your driving privileges, and at the end of the suspension, the driver will be required to pay a reinstatement fee, which can range from $150 to $300, and complete an sr-50 insurance form. Paperwork will need to be completed by your current insurance company and provide proof of coverage.

minimum liability coverage in indiana

In the state of Indiana, all motorists must carry the state-mandated minimum liability coverage of 25/50/25 for the following.

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