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Ever wanted to trade news but didn’t know which news stations to trust? Fortunately, there are many excellent news channels that you can use to trade the stock market. however, choosing the right one can be the difference between making and losing money.

The best news channel for trading the stock market is cnbc. Other trusted channels include CNN Money, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Motley Fool, The Economist, and Yahoo Finance. For real-time updates, get their mobile apps or follow them on Twitter.

Next, we’ll talk about the best news channels for trading the stock market. if you only had to choose one, we help you choose, but we also give you several options to receive updated news in real time. So let’s get started.

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what is news trading?

news trading refers to the use of news reports to inform your trading decisions. For example, if you hear that Company X recently struck a deal with Company Z, and that deal may increase Company X’s earnings, you might want to consider buying Company X’s stock, as it will likely rise soon. On the other hand, if you hear that Company X posted a lower-than-expected earnings report, you may want to sell the stock before it starts to drop.

One of the most significant aspects of news trading is knowing which news sources to trust. If you go to a news source that receives and provides information even a few minutes late, you won’t be able to buy the dip or know when a stock might rise in the near future. Also, online news articles are often a more accurate source if they come from reputable and trustworthy companies.

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Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of news trading channels below.

13 news channels to follow to trade profitable news


cnbc is the best source for business-related news, whether you’re viewing its website or your living room TV. Either way, they’ll provide you with real-time stock updates. With CNBC, a business-focused offshoot of NBC, you can get insights on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and various other business news reports.

cnbc often lists its sources in news articles, but its TV channels explain why specific companies are more worthy of an investment. having both networks open on different screens (or split down the center on a TV or computer) will provide reliable and fast information on all major public business companies.


bloomberg is one of the world’s best-known sources of business and market news. If you visit the Bloomberg website, you’ll discover the most up-to-date news reports on the stock market and everything else (for example, breaking news). Bloomberg has a surprisingly impressive reputation among stock traders, making it a trusted source on which to base your financial decisions.

trusted by some of the world’s most profitable traders. Bloomberg often relies on direct sources (straight from the company in question) for his information rather than spreading details from other media outlets. this method requires many people to do research in the field to find the most reliable financial advice.

the wall street newspaper

We can’t talk about business news sources without mentioning none other than the wall street journal, whose publications match its name quite well: it focuses on wall street (or stock market-related) news!

the wall street journal (also known as wsj) shows the ups and downs of stock indices, allowing you to buy on the downside and sell on the top. is an excellent source for people who buy low and sell high, although there isn’t always enough information about little-known companies with potential for growth.

market watch

market watch is a great website and news source to use if you are “watching the market”. You’ll discover live reports on which stocks are sinking and which are rapidly ballooning. When you mention a stock in a news article, you’ll also combine crucial information, such as how much the stock went up or down. With that information, you can make a more informed business decision.

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If you want to avoid too much personality and dive into the details, market monitoring should be at the top of your list. the information is reliable and checked daily.

fox business

everyone knows fox, which is one of the most popular news sources in the united states. Fox Business, in particular, is the station’s trading and stock-focused arm. Fox is known to lean to the right side of political discussions, which can influence his financial advice.

Like many of the sources above, the site comes with a very useful application. With this tool on your smartphone, you can follow the trading news in real time and decide to buy or sell a second in advance.

cnn money

cnn is another giant in the news industry, and cnn money is where you can learn more about the movers and shakers of the stock market. CNN Money’s top-notch reporting will keep you informed without questioning whether you’re making the right decision. Unlike Fox News, CNN’s money leans toward the left side of the political spectrum. this affiliation could influence your financial recommendations.


forbes magazine focuses on three things: money, economics, and business. If you visit their website, you will find the latest news about what is happening in the market. For example, you can get information about major technology companies and the business deals or innovations they are working on, which will help you decide whether to invest in those technology companies or not.

the motley fool

the motley fool is not a foolish website, despite its name. It is actually a well-respected website where you can learn about investing and business, offering up-to-date news information that you might not see in regular news sources, including platforms like CNN Money or Fox Business. it’s also sourced from major outlets, which means the motley chump is closer to the original source (it can act faster, leading to higher profits).

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financial times

the financial times, or ft, is another important publication in the world related to finance. no matter what stock you are trading. If you want to learn more about the world of stocks and finance while staying up to date on the latest news that may affect the market, subscribe!


barrons is an interesting source of information because, although he is part of the dow jones network, he focuses on topics related to investing and retirement. As such, if you’re trading the stock market to prepare for retirement, consider turning to Barrons for the best ways to invest in related stocks.

yahoo finance

yahoo is an important source of news, although it is no longer as popular as it used to be. however yahoo finance can be a great source of information if you are looking to trade as it covers tons of stories published by other outlets.

the economist

The Economist is not as well known as some of the other news sources, such as Bloomberg, CNN and Fox, but it is still an excellent source of information for those who trade the market.


so there you have it. If you had to pick just one news source, we’d probably say you should follow cnbc. however, it is even better to follow as many news sources as possible. You can download the apps to get instant notifications, or you can follow these news sources on Twitter to get the latest news even before it hits the main website.

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