What Do You Do If Youre Sick and Dont Have Insurance?

The one thing certain in health care is that at some point, everyone will need medical attention. it could be just the flu, but no one, no matter how healthy, is immune from the disease. even knowing this, there are still people who do not have health insurance.

Reasons for not having health insurance vary. you could be a healthy young adult who feels like you don’t need it. or you could be going through hard times and just can’t afford it. Whatever the reason, if you need medical attention and you don’t have health insurance, it can be scary.

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If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have health insurance but need medical attention, you should still seek medical attention. Here’s what to do if you’re sick and don’t have health insurance.

visit a local doctor

You may think you can’t see a doctor because you don’t have health insurance. No. you can still make an appointment. the only difference is that you’ll have to pay the costs out of pocket instead of relying on your insurance company to offset the cost.

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This isn’t ideal, but it’s better to see a doctor when you’re sick than to put it off. their ailments may be symptoms of something more serious. don’t risk it, just visit a doctor.

find a local community health clinic

If you don’t have health insurance because you can’t afford it, simply seeing a doctor may not be your best solution. there are community health clinics that offer affordable health care to those who need it. the cost usually varies, there is a sliding scale based on your income, which makes the visit very affordable.

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While you may not be able to get all the tests you need at the clinic, it is a great first step for someone who is sick. it is better to see someone and know what they are dealing with than to ignore the problem. don’t let money be the reason you don’t see a doctor.

urgent care

emergency rooms are expensive. Unless you’re in an absolute emergency, like a stroke or heart attack, visit an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are meant for conditions that aren’t a true emergency, but can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment in a day or two.

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Common conditions that bring people to urgent care are:

  • accidents and falls
  • difficulty breathing
  • bleeding/cuts
  • eye irritation
  • broken bones or fractures
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • skin rashes or infections
  • sprains
  • don’t risk it

    above are different options for someone who does not have health insurance. That doesn’t mean these options are ideal. the best scenario still involves having health insurance. There are many options available to everyone for affordable health care.

    If you don’t currently have health insurance, talk to a professional to see what your options are. Health insurance could actually be within your reach, you just didn’t realize it. do not take risks with your health. get the proper health care you need, whether or not you have health insurance.

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