How to run system file checker sfc /scannow in windows 10

Windows has various functions that protect the system continuously while the user performs day-to-day tasks. As PC files are vulnerable to damage or corruption, the operating system has placed some parameters that save sầu these files before they get lost. Some tools like the system scan can find these corrupted files và attempt khổng lồ fix them.

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However, there is a possibility of the scan not performing its task well. The error "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable lớn fix some of them" can sometimes appear, and you might not know what to vày.

In such cases, you can try Windows Resource Protection. It is a registry protection service that habitually checks for system tệp tin modification or errors. This task finds corrupt system files, removes them, and replaces the following with good cached copies saved in the PC"s Windows thư mục. It"s a safety precaution system of computers that protects the system from totally crashing.

The system files are critical in ensuring that the PC performs well for the user. Any damage or corruption that happens lớn a system tệp tin affects the whole system itself. If you also have sầu encountered a related query và looking for a solution," this article is for you.

What is sfc /scannow?

SFC is the abbreviation for System File Checker is a function of the modern Windows operating system Window7 / 8/10 / Vista. This Windows utility helps users kiểm tra for file fraud and correct registry data.

Moreover, it scans your system & allow you lớn kiểm tra whether the protected system data is corrupted or not. The sfc / scannow is the very comm& that allows the utility lớn scan all secured system files on the computer. It can kiểm tra tệp tin versions và repair bad files by replacing them with those from a repair source. Thus, it is very helpful to lớn troubleshoot system issues caused by tệp tin corruption.

What Is the "Windows Resources Protection Found Corrupt Files But Was Unable To Fix Some Of Them" Error?

The error "Windows Resources Protection found corrupt files but was unable to lớn fix some of them" is created by a few scenarquả táo.

False Positive: Some Nvidia .dll files may trigger a false-positive sầu result, labeling that file as corrupt even if it is not.Third-Party Software: This particular error can also occur if an installed application interferes with the SFC (System File Checker) scan. Most of those who went through this particular scenario reported that the SFC scan was completed without error when running it during a clean boot.Irregular corruption of system files: In some cases, this error occurs due lớn a degree of corruption that cannot be recovered using the mặc định Windows utilities (SFC and DISM). In this case, the only solution is to install/reinstall the operating system files.Window utility Error: This error is beyond the capability of the System Checker"s corrupt files fix. In this case, a reinstallation of the operating system is deemed necessary.

However, it is important lớn repair corrupted system files to keep the operating system running smoothly. If you are currently looking for ways to repair corrupted files that System File Checker has replaced, this article will provide you with several verified repair solutions.

Scroll down below; you will discover a suite of methods that other users in a similar situation have sầu used lớn remove corrupted system files. There are also alternative solutions. What are you waiting for? Take a look at the several solutions mentioned below and fix the problem as soon as possible without wasting any time.

Solutions That Fix The Windows Resource Protection Error

Solution 1. Checking And Repairing Hard Disk Errors

Step 1. Open elevated Command Prompt by typing cmd on the search bar, followed by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.


Step 2. On the commvà line, type in this command: chkdsk /F và press the Enter key. Once the process is complete, reboot your PC.If you want to lớn repair errors in another drive, type in the drive sầu letter và clichồng Enter (for example, if you want to check E drive sầu, key in E: và press the Enter key)

Solution 2. Fixing Errors Via The System Update Readiness Tool Or Dism.

# For Windows Server 2008, Vista, và Win 7:Step 1. Download the System Update Readiness tool installer. Once finished, double clichồng to install the file downloaded. After installation, restart your PC.


Step 2. In the Command Prompt as Administrator, type the command: sfc /scannow. # For Win Server 2012, Win 8 và 8.1, và Win 10:Step 1. Open elevated Command Prompt by typing cmd on the search bar, followed by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.


Step 2. Type this command: Dism.exe/Online/Cleanup-Image/Restorehealth on the prompt line và wait for the DISM khổng lồ repair the component store.There will be a successful repair prompt that will appear after the action is completed.

Solution 3. Running SFC In Safe Mode

Step 1. Press Win + R khổng lồ launch the Run command. Key in MSConfig và hit the Enter button.

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Step 2. On the Boot tab, tichồng the Safe Boot selection. Select OK & restart your PC.


Step 3. mở cửa System Configuration và untiông chồng the Safe Boot selection lớn go bachồng lớn normal Windows boot. Now in comm& prompt as administrator, run the sfc /scannow command.


Solution 4. Running SFC/SCANNOW From Wine Or Windows Recovery Environment

You can run the commvà SFC /SCANNOW command offline lớn fix this specific SFC error.Step 1. Start by inserting the installation media and wait for the Install Windows interface.Step 2. On the installation window, cliông chồng Next và then Repair your computer. On the next selection (System Recovery Options), clichồng on Next and then Comm& Prompt.


Step 3. To run a complete system tệp tin kiểm tra, enter the command line SFC /scannow /offbootdir= (drive sầu letter): /offwindir=(drive letter):windows and press Enter.Once the process is completed, exit the comm& prompt and restart your PC.

Solution 5. Examining SFC Scan Details

Step 1. xuất hiện Comm& Prompt as Administrator và type: findstr /c:"%windir%LogsCBS.log>"%userprofile%Desktopsfcdetails.txt"


Step 2. Now open the sfcdetails.txt tệp tin on the Notepad phầm mềm and find the apps that are corrupted. Replace these files with unspoiled copies.

Solution 6. Repairing Win10 By Upgrading

Another method that solves this error is lớn upgrade the operating system with the Windows 10 Repair-Upgrade. To vì this, you must have sầu a Windows 10 DVD or USB or an ISO image of the operating system.Step 1. Plug/insert the USB or DVD to lớn begin the installation. You can also double-cliông chồng the ISO image to lớn mount it as a virtual DVD.Step 2. Locate cài đặt.exe cộ from your removable drive to start the thiết lập. A new window will appear, indicating a thiết lập guide. Cliông chồng on Download & install updates.


Step 3. Follow the wizard until you reach the License terms part & cliông xã Accept. After a few minutes, the guide will prompt if the installation is ready. Choose Install.Step 4. You can choose lớn keep personal files, so you vì not thua kém data. Cliông xã Next. PC will then reboot a few times until the update is installed.

Closing Words

System File Checker is a useful tool provided by the Windows system to giảm giá with damaged system files, but every so often scannow commvà does not process properly. In such cases you can try a tool to lớn fix your corrupted files.

However, depending on the error message, you can easily find alternative sầu solutions. The article described some solutions to lớn fix the system issue when SFC / scannow gets corrupted. But it is essential to lớn create a backup of the operating system so that you can persize a system restore when the system problem is beyond repair. System Restore brings the system bachồng khổng lồ working order when backed up.

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People Also Ask

What is SFC Scannow?SFC is the abbreviation for System File Checker, which scans all protected system files for corruption. It attempts to fix it by copying a cached copy of each contaminated tệp tin from the system32 dllcabít thư mục.How bởi files get corrupted?A file can be corrupted when an error occurs during the storage process. For example, your computer has a power failure or a crash when you save the tệp tin.Can corrupted files be recovered?Yes, you can recover your corrupt files with professional tools like Data Recover. It allows you to restore everything from your device easily.What can you vì khổng lồ prevent the SFC Scannow failed to fix the error?If you want to lớn prsự kiện the problem directly, use the DISM utility. You can also run the Windows recovery environment or SFC utility in safe mode lớn prsự kiện SFC/Scannow from amending the error.

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