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The assessment of subjects" depressive sầu symptoms was performed by trained psychiatrists & psychologists.
The physicians, however, seemed more confident in treating depressed patients after training, & referred fewer patients khổng lồ psychiatrists.
Subjects completed self-report measures, and were then interviewed by research psychologists và psychiatrists who administered structured & open-ended assessment schedules.
To successfully perkhung both tasks officials would have sầu to depover heavily upon the services of psychiatrists.
The woman was referred khổng lồ a psychiatric clinic, but although she had occasional tương tác with a psychiatrist, her problems grew worse.
The diagnosis of major depression was made by psychiatrists on the basis of a semi-structured interview which covered depression characteristics, severity and duration.
For those admitted lớn adễ thương wards their care was provided by general psychiatrists alongside their younger patients.
As stated, old age psychiatrists are best placed lớn address the specific problems of elderly patients on general medical wards.
The whole book is a sad caricature of the kind of unselective suspicion of motives which has made psychoanalysis increasingly a laughing-stock amongst psychiatrists.
Confiscating & reading through his manuscripts, the agents decided to send hlặng to lớn a prison psychiatrist.
It would also be of interest to lớn trainee clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers.
In the current study, we assessed the global functioning of subjects in a community-residing population who were examined by psychiatrists 15 years earlier.
Information was gathered by the psychiatrist & psychologist in admission interviews with the patient và from observations by other hospital staff.

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There seems to have sầu been confusion in understanding the role of the psychiatrist & therefore expectations were rarely met.
And what in their work, and in that of numerous other recent commentators, including leading psychiatrists, takes the place of survivor guilt?
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