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You’re absolutely sure it was your turn to go after coming to a stop sign at a four-way intersection, but another motorist saw things differently. this resulted in his vintage vw beetle being struck by the other driver’s truck. luckily you only got a bruised knee (although you were pretty shaken up), but your car was wrecked. took some photos, took detailed notes, and called the other driver’s insurance company to file a claim.

You followed the rules of the road and insisted the other driver was at fault, but unfortunately the other party’s insurance company denied your claim. what now?

Reading: Insurance denied my claim now what

reasons an insurer might deny your claim: overview

There are many reasons why the at-fault party’s insurer may have denied your claim, even if their version of the incident appears to be incorrect. The reasons generally fall into one of two main categories: the insurer’s claims adjuster believes her claim lacks merit, or the insurer simply hopes she won’t pursue the claim. The adjuster may also rely on an eyewitness or choose to believe their client’s version of what happened in the absence of an official police report.

Other possible reasons for a claim denial by the other party’s insurance company include the following:

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