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Imagine a quiet morning. you are walking to the office, enjoying the fresh air and a refreshing drizzle that heralds a productive day. as calm as it can be, you know nothing about the insidious cobblestone ready to knock you down.

You are about to enter the office building, but suddenly you slip on one of the last wet cobblestones and your iPhone hits the ground with a thud that marks the immediate, untimely and oh-so-painful death of your little electronic companion.

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Could you have prevented it? That is beyond dispute. however, could you have dodged the financial bullet? absolutely. you would have replaced your iphone if you had insured it when it was still alive. Now, however, the only way out is to learn about iPhone insurance so you don’t make the same mistake twice. but wait…do people even secure their phones?

Around 35% of iphone owners have their devices damaged and the number is growing as new models hit the market. The iPhone 13 starts at $999, so it’s no wonder lucky iPhone owners want to protect their iPhones from cracks, scratches, touchscreen issues, and more serious adversities like loss or theft.

good. Now that you know that things like iPhone replacement and insurance are real, and very practical, it’s time to move on to discover the essence.

iphone insurance repair

what does iphone insurance cover?

iPhone insurance covers replacement costs in the event the rhinestone is broken, stolen, or lost. In addition to physical damage, it usually includes breakdown coverage, loss insurance, and theft insurance.


no phone is immune to manufacturing defects. Poor battery life, app crashes, overheating, slow downloading, unstable wi-fi, and malfunctions won’t cost you a dime as long as you’re covered.

theft insurance

Keeping in mind that there’s a non-zero chance of your iPhone being stolen, theft insurance can also come in handy, at least to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Please note, however, that theft coverage excludes negligence, such as leaving your phone unattended.

loss insurance

loss insurance coverage reimburses you for the value of your iphone if it’s lost, but not without qualification. For example, AppleCare+ (we’ll review this later) requires you to have Find My iPhone enabled on your smartphone. otherwise coverage will be lost.

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comprehensive coverage for iphones: is it real?

There is no such thing as “comprehensive coverage” for iPhones, but under the standard iPhone warranty issued by the manufacturer, every iPhone comes with 90 days of free technical support and one year of hardware repair coverage.

how much does it cost to repair an iphone that is out of warranty?

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The cost of repair starts from a few dozen dollars and goes up to $500 and more, depending on the model of your iPhone and the type of failure you are experiencing.

  • iphone x screen repair – up to $300.
  • iphone x screen replacement: around $330.
  • iphone 13 other damage – around $600.
  • apple iphone insurance: applecare and applecare+

    apple care

    The official default insurance for all apple products is applecare, which lasts 90 days and, in addition to free support, covers defects in materials and workmanship. however, if the device is jailbroken, or unauthorized software is installed, applecare will be voided.

    Also, water damage is not covered.

    iphone insurance theft

    apple care+

    If you want to go the extra mile with your iPhone insurance, you can opt for the extended version of AppleCare – AppleCare+. it lasts for two years and includes everything that applecare offers plus two accidents. unless you’re a temperate iphone beaker, applecare+ may be just what you need.

    This is what you can cover with applecare+ (in addition to applecare):

    • screen
    • headphones
    • water damage
    • applecare+ excludes damage from fire, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

      how much does applecare+ cost? It depends on your iphone model.

      when choosing your coverage, pay attention to the model of your iphone. older iPhones (model 8 and later) are covered in glass and therefore more vulnerable, while all newer models are more crack and water resistant (although not necessarily waterproof).

      iphone insurance from your carrier

      verizon, at&t, t-mobile, and other carriers offer all types of wireless insurance available, which you can choose based on:

      • coverage type
      • price of coverage
      • quality of customer service
      • Important: With Apple, if your phone is “totaled,” you’ll likely get a new iPhone right away at the store. however, with your cell phone provider, you may not only have to wait until the new phone is delivered, but you may not get a phone of the same quality.

        but again, the question of choice is subjective and mostly comes down to your personal experience with your provider.

        third party coverage

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        If you’re not happy with classic iPhone insurance or if you want to go deeper than most customers, you can opt for a third-party company that specializes in iPhone insurance.

        The most popular third-party companies offering iPhone insurance are Asurion, GoCare, SquareTrade, Protect Your Bubble, and Safeware. none of them will offer you new types of coverage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money with a more affordable third-party iphone insurance policy.

        Also, there’s a chance that your traditional insurance company (the one you bought your auto insurance or homeowners insurance from) may also offer you some mobile coverage policies.

        • there is a possibility that your iphone could be covered as your valuable property under your homeowners policy. explore this option.
        • All this said, there are some nuances to keep in mind:

          • iphone coverage will likely increase your homeowners policy premium.
          • home insurance claims take longer to process.
          • The deductible on your homeowners policy or other “all-inclusive” policy may be too high to cover iphone claims.
          • iphone protection plan exclusions

            Most iPhone insurance policies have several important exclusions: unattended theft, carelessness, water damage, and untimely reporting. Now, we are going to elaborate each of the mentioned.

            iphone insurance coffee


            If you tend to leave your phone unattended, then iPhone insurance won’t help. unattended theft is excluded from all policies.

            carelessness and intentional damage

            The same goes for carelessness. If she climbed a mountain with her phone in her pocket and it got scratched or cracked, it’s probably her problem, not the insurer’s.

            water damage

            Some policies include water damage insurance, but most of the time it is excluded from coverage. however, failure to use “reasonable care” may be the reason the insurer refuses to replace your loss.

            untimely report

            unless you want to play around with your coverage, be sure to report the iphone lost first. failure to report or a delay of more than 12 hours will jeopardize your coverage.

            things you may not know about iphone insurance

            Insurance policies are complicated and iphone policies are no exception. Before finishing, we want to remind you of these surprising nuances:

            • Your deductible may be higher than the cost of your iPhone, especially if your digital friend is covered by your homeowners policy.
            • Changing your mobile operator doesn’t mean changing your iphone insurer. different carriers can work with the same third-party insurer.
            • Your insurer, unless it’s Apple, is not required to replace your phone with it. you may get a phone of a different color or model or even one with non-genuine parts.
            • is it beneficial to insure your iphone after all?

              comes from your risk tolerance, taking into account the price of your phone and whether you’re prone to breaking phones. Even broken glass on your iPhone can cost a few hundred dollars, so try to do an accurate risk assessment.

              However, the last bit of good news would be that unlike other types of insurance (for example, car insurance), iPhone insurance doesn’t take into account your claims history, which means that even users avid phone callers don’t. You don’t have to overpay for your iPhone insurance.

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