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How to get the cheapest car insurance possible

Video How to get the cheapest car insurance possible

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Car insurance can be a costly bill for many drivers each month. People are often paying through the nose for policy add-ons they don’t really need. people are constantly wondering, “why is my car insurance policy so expensive?” The answer lies in understanding what car insurance entails and the best ways to get cheaper car insurance. Join us as we help new drivers, young drivers, and experienced drivers find the most affordable rates on their current coverage plans.

what does a cheap auto insurance policy include?

There are several factors auto insurance companies use to decide the price and coverage you receive when shopping for a cheap auto insurance policy. The company will usually consider several things, including:

  • driving record
  • how often you use your car
  • if you have a garage or if your car is parked on the street
  • age
  • city or state
  • type of car you drive
  • your credit score

All of these things will affect how much you have to pay. some of them are under your control, while others (such as your age) are not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get cheaper rates. Here are some tips from the experts at

12 tricks revealed: how to get the cheapest car insurance possible

The better your driving record, the older you are, and the more protected your personal assets are, the more likely you are to find the cheap auto insurance you’re looking for. however, there are a few other car insurance tricks you can explore to find affordable rates.

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1. review your coverage policy every six months

There is a lot of competition present in the insurance market, which means that rates often change for companies to keep up with demand and fluctuating business needs. Often when you feel comfortable with one insurance company, they will slowly raise their rates while other companies lower their rates. they get away with it because most people don’t notice the hikes.

It’s always a good idea to call when your policy is up for renewal at the end of six months to make sure you’re still getting the cheapest auto insurance possible.

2. check for discounts

There are some well-kept secrets in the insurance industry that you often don’t find out about unless someone tips you off. For example, if you work for the government or military or have close family members in that occupation, you can often get reduced car insurance through what are known as affinity discounts. There are also great discounts for taking additional driving courses, or even for being a senior.

When looking for a new insurance policy, mention it to your friends and family. It may seem like a boring topic of conversation, but it’s likely to generate leads for “secret” auto insurance deals you might get.

3. use price comparison sites

Comparing auto insurance rates is a great way to make sure you get the cheapest auto insurance. Sites like allow you to evaluate coverage plans in your area by reviewing several big-name companies and smaller brands to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

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