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In many states, the lower your credit score, the higher your homeowners insurance premium. While the two factors may seem unrelated, home insurance companies use data to justify this rating process. Studies have shown that policyholders with lower credit scores tend to file more claims than those with higher credit scores, making those with poor credit riskier to insure. if you live in any other u.s. state outside of California, Maryland, or Massachusetts, where credit is prohibited as a qualifying factor for home insurance, you’ll want to understand how credit plays a role in your premium and coverage options.

why does having bad credit negatively affect your premiums?

Insurance companies are in the business of risk, which means everyone is evaluated on the potential amount they represent to the insurer. Credit histories have long been used as an indicator of the amount of risk a homeowner presents. specifically, your credit score can be used to determine the likelihood that you:

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  • File Claims: Insurers have found a connection between lower credit scores and a higher chance of filing a homeowners insurance claim, which can make someone with a lower credit score is riskier to insure.
  • Keep your property: Insurance companies often consider that someone with a higher credit score is more likely to maintain their property regularly. therefore, the condition of the home is likely to be better, which may decrease the risk of claims.
  • Pay bills on time: Although many home insurance policies are paid from a home equity account, some homeowners pay their premiums themselves. Policyholders with higher credit scores are generally considered more likely to pay on time.
  • Credit histories are not used as a qualifying factor in all states. The following states prohibit the use of credit when rating homeowners insurance policies, which means your level of credit can’t affect how much you pay for homeowners insurance:

    • california
    • maryland
    • massachusetts
    • how does credit affect your insurance rates?

      Generally, the higher your credit score, the lower your insurance premium. Your homeowners insurance premiums are calculated based on many factors, including the age and condition of your home, deductible amount, local crime history, and claims history.

      Your credit score, or credit-based insurance score, isn’t the only qualifying factor, although it can be an important one. our research revealed that policyholders with poor credit histories pay an average of 77% more for home insurance than policyholders with excellent credit. The premiums in the table below illustrate the average annual home insurance premium for $250,000 in homeowners coverage for each of the four credit score levels.

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      Please note that your credit-based insurance score is not the same as your actual credit score. Your credit score is a measure of how likely you are to default on a loan, while credit-based insurance scores are a measure of how likely you are to file a claim. Additionally, each insurance company has its own formulation for displaying your credit-based insurance score. Companies may use a combination of numbers and letters, for example, to further differentiate your credit-based insurance score from your credit score and to protect your privacy.

      However, the impact your credit report has on rates varies among insurance companies. The table below shows the difference in premiums for those with good and bad credit at seven homeowners insurance companies.

      The cheapest providers on our list for homeowners with good and bad credit are progressive and usaa. However, please note that USAA only offers coverage to members in the United States. military, veterans and their eligible family members.

      can you get cheap home insurance with bad credit?

      There are still ways you might be able to find affordable bad credit homeowners insurance. If you have a low credit score and are shopping for home insurance, you may want to:

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