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As a Medi-Cal member, you have access to member services just like anyone with a private insurance plan. since medi-cal members receive a commercial plan or a public plan, you receive this assistance through your plan. however, many plans have similar member services and you can get help through covered california. These additional resources and information allow you to get the most out of your Medi-Cal coverage.

how do i change or cancel my medi-cal plan?

Depending on the county where you live, you may have multiple medi-cal plan options. If you want to try another plan available in your county, you can change at any time. To change your Medi-Cal plan, you can call Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Care Options at 1-800-430-4263. you can also fill out a medi-cal election form which you can find on the health care options download page. choose your county from the dropdown menu, then look for the form link under “election registration forms.” Learn more about plans available in your county through the Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan Directory.

If you need to cancel your medi-cal coverage, call your local county office. once you’re discharged from medi-cal, get an online quote to see rates and enroll in a california covered plan. Please note that there are different income limits for Medicaid/Medi-Cal versus California Coverage (the state exchange).

where can i access my medi-cal member services?

You can access your member services online through your plan’s website and the covered california website. each service manages different aspects of your coverage. In addition, your local county office will handle specific parts of your Medi-Cal membership. your health insurance company handles:

  • Premium Payments: When you need to make a premium payment, your health insurance company will accept it online or over the phone.
  • ID cards: Your insurance company will issue your membership ID card. they can also send you a replacement card if you lose it.
  • Benefits and Eligibility: Each insurance plan has unique benefits and eligibility requirements. A representative from your insurance company can explain these details to you.
  • Claims: The insurance company can tell you how it paid your service claims when you need to verify this information.
  • Covered Medical Providers: Your plan company can help you find a covered medical provider or change your PCP.
  • Meanwhile, covered california takes care of:

    • Enrollment: You can determine if you qualify for a special enrollment period, learn when you can enroll or enroll in a medi-cal plan through covered california.
    • Application Information: Covered California handles changes to application information, such as income verification, proof of residency, and citizenship.
    • Eligibility: When you request a quote from Covered California, they will determine if you or a family member is eligible for Medi-Cal.
    • Coverage Cancellation: If you want to cancel your medi-cal plan, you can request this cancellation through covered california.
    • Changing to a private plan: You can join a private plan through covered california if you will soon lose your medi-cal coverage.
    • When you need to renew your medi-cal plan, your county social services office will help you. they will contact you if they need information or send you a renewal form. For more help, you can contact your county Medi-Cal office or the Medi-Cal Member Helpline (1-800-541-5555).

      how do I access member services?

      medi-cal members can get member services online or by phone. Most insurance plans have online support for members, and many companies also allow you to call them for direct help. covered california also has online member services that you can access through an account. You can create a covered california account even if you have already applied through another method.

      Where can I find my card number and membership number?

      After you enroll in Medi-Cal, you will receive an enrollment packet in the mail from your insurance company. This packet will include a membership card and information about your health insurance account. Your insurance company welcome letter may also mention your membership ID number. If you want to create an online account for member services with your insurance plan, you need these numbers to create an account.

      does medi-cal member services have a phone number?

      For general questions about Medi-Cal, members and medical providers can call the official help line at 1-800-541-5555. Depending on the situation, you can also call covered california at 1-800-300-1506 or your county medi-cal office.

      how do I pay my premium online?

      Your health insurance company will receive all premium payments. After you enroll in a plan, you should receive a bill that includes online payment instructions. Most companies require you to create an online account and provide your payment card or bank account information. You may also have the option to set up recurring payments that automatically withdraw money from the account or card you specify. covered california has information about each plan’s payment options on its member information website.

      where can i find my medi-cal renewal form?

      county organizations handle medi-cal renewals. In most cases, your local agency will use your existing information to renew your Medi-Cal membership. if they can verify these details, they can take care of the process for you. however, they may need to send you a renewal form if your information does not match their records. You may return this form to your county office to continue coverage.

      how do i check my medicaid status?

      Contact your local county social services office for your medi-cal status and eligibility. The California Department of Health Care Services has a complete agency directory for each county.

      get a medi-cal insurance quote today

      Do you need affordable insurance as a low-income Californian? You may qualify for low-cost or no-cost coverage through Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program. When you request a quote from Covered California, we can determine if anyone in your family is eligible for Medi-Cal. We can also recommend services like the chip that help you pay for health insurance. Request a free health insurance quote today to get started.

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