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How much is urgent care with no insurance

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Costs for an uninsured person range from $80-$280 for a basic level i urgent care visit and $140-$440 for an advanced level ii visit. the cost of your visit also depends on your location. Whether it’s for a fever, sore throat, or even a sports injury, urgent care is an optimal solution because of its affordability and convenience.

method: To create this report, the mira research team conducted the most comprehensive pricing research to date by studying out-of-pocket costs at 1,229 urgent care clinics in 43 us states uu. states the initial investigation took three months and we are actively updating the information periodically.

A typical urgent care visit costs between $189 and $299 out of pocket

The average cost of an urgent care visit that includes 20-30 minutes with a medical provider and multiple diagnostic tests (flu, strep, urine test) ranges from $189 to $299 out of pocket. For more complex visits involving imaging services like x-ray or ultra round, expect to pay 30-50% more. for example, a visit related to a sprain that requires an x-ray scan could cost between $300 and $450 out of pocket. *the highest self-pay rate doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the most you’ll pay. Your final price depends on what happens at the clinic and how much the clinic decides to charge you if you don’t have insurance. Let’s say you have insurance and haven’t met your deductible. In that case, the cost of an urgent care visit is often higher, between $200 and $400, because insurance typically reimburses more than the fees you pay yourself or if you’re a mira member.

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the average cost of an urgent care visit (all included) in popular clinics

factors that influence the cost of your urgent care

Several factors affect the cost of your urgent care visit. these factors will directly influence how much you will be charged at your next urgent care visit. The most common factors that influence the cost of urgent care are:

1. complexity: how much clinical experience is needed

In most urgent care clinics, there are different levels of service, usually minor or complex. complex visits usually require multiple tests or procedures.

For example, treatment for strep throat requires an exam and additional fees for additional services such as a strep test, flu test, and covid-19 test to rule out other infections (this typically adds $90-$ 160); this would be a level I visit. however, the cost could be much higher for conditions that require different procedures such as x-rays, between $250 and $500.

when looking at the cost of urgent care clinics, it is essential to identify which level (i or ii) you need to know what price you will pay. infectious diseases such as influenza, streptococcus, etc. are usually included in basic visits, while sports injuries that require x-rays or minor surgeries are included in more advanced visits.

A minor urgent care visit will cost between $80 and $280, while an advanced or complex visit will cost between $140 and $440.

2. time: how much time do you spend seeing the provider

All medical clinics charge an office visit fee each time you have to see a provider, regardless of the reason. each urgent care center has a different office visit cost. The cost of the office visit is the referral fee that patients must pay.

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The cost of the office visit is usually between $100 and $200, but it can be more expensive to include some basic tests and procedures. Based on our research, the average initial cost of an urgent care center office visit is $141.60.

Below is general guidance on how clinics charge based on time spentt:

3. urgent care clinic location

The cost of an urgent care visit without insurance will depend on the location of the urgent care center. Since labor plays an important role in clinic operations, factors such as supplier supply and demand will directly influence the clinic’s price.

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