Volkswagen Beetle Insurance Rates and Cost Comparisons

How much is insurance on a volkswagen beetle

Video How much is insurance on a volkswagen beetle
  • volkswagen beetle insurance costs an average of $1,386 per year, $693 for a 6-month policy, or $116 per month.
  • the volkswagen beetle only differs from the average insurance rate of the compact car segment by $27 per year.
  • the cheapest volkswagen beetle insurance is on the hatchback at $1,316 per year, or about $110 per month.
  • Insuring an older model Beetle can reduce your insurance bill by $326 each year.
  • how much does vw beetle insurance cost?

    Volkswagen Beetle car insurance costs an average of $1,386 per year, depending on location, age of driver, and other factors. collision insurance costs about $546 a year, comprehensive (or other non-collision) coverage is about $304, and the remaining liability/medical (or pip) coverage will cost about $536.

    The table below details the average cost of insurance for a 2019 VW Beetle using a variety of different driver ages and risk profiles.

    To help you understand the full range of possible rates, consider that an insurance policy with just liability coverage for a beetle in some parts of Indiana or North Carolina can cost as little as $225 a year.

    for the same volkswagen beetle model year, a newly licensed teen driver with an accident and ticket in specific new york city zip codes could receive an auto insurance bill of $13,178 a year for a policy that provides full coverage.

    Listed below are some additional examples of rates, policy discounts, and ways to keep costs down.

    • Raise your credit score to save money. Having a good credit score of 800+ could save you $218 per year compared to a decent credit score of 670-739. conversely, a bad credit rating could cost up to $252 more per year.
    • make your policy cheaper by increasing deductibles. raising deductibles from $500 to $1,000 could save about $192 per year for a 40-year-old driver and $376 per year for a 20-year-old driver years .
    • Low physical damage deductibles increase the cost of the policy. Reducing the comprehensive and collision deductibles from $500 to $250 could cost an additional $202 per year for a 40-year-old driver and $398 per year for a 20 year old driver. -one year old driver.
    • Expect to pay a lot to insure a teenager. Average rates for full coverage beetle insurance are $5,132 per year for a 16-year-old driver, $4,756 per year for a 17-year-old driver driver and $4,428 per year for an 18-year-old driver.
    • Beetle insurance is expensive for high-risk drivers. For a 30-year-old driver, having a high frequency of accidents or violations could end up with a rate increase of $1,708 or more per year.
    • As you get older, rates tend to go down. The difference in the cost of insurance for a Volkswagen Beetle between a 60-year-old driver ($1,244 per year) and a 20-year-old driver ( $2,762 per year) is $1,518, or a savings of 55%.
    • beetle vs other small cars: which insurance is cheaper?

      compared to best-selling models in the small car category, insurance for the vw beetle is $60 more per year than the honda civic, $252 more than the toyota corolla, $36 more than the nissan sentra, and $148 less than the hyundai elantra.

      the volkswagen beetle insurance ranks #20 out of 33 comparison vehicles in the small car category. The Beetle costs an estimated $1,386 a year for insurance, while the category average is $1,359 a year, a difference of just $27 a year.

      The chart below shows how Volkswagen Beetle insurance rates compare to the best-selling small cars in the US. uu. For the 2019 model year. Also included is a table that breaks down the average cost of insurance for the 33 models in the small car class and the difference in cost between each model and the VW Beetle.

      what is the cheapest vw beetle insurance?

      the cheapest volkswagen beetle model to insure is the s hatchback at $1316 per year. the second-cheapest model is the Final Edition Convertible, also at $1,348 per year, and the third-cheapest trim level to insure is the Final Edition Hatchback at $1,360 per year.

      for higher beetle trim levels, the three most expensive beetle models to insure are the volkswagen beetle final edition sel hatchback, se hatchback and se convertible at $1404, $1404 and $1484 per year trim levels, respectively.

      The following table shows the estimated annual and 6-month policy costs, including a monthly budget amount, for each Volkswagen Beetle model and trim level.

      how much cheaper are older beetle models to insure?

      Insuring a 2013 Volkswagen Beetle will save approximately $326 per year over the cost of insuring a 2019 model. In general, the older the vehicle, the more you’ll save on insurance compared to a newer model.

      The following data table illustrates typical Volkswagen Beetle insurance rates for model years 2013 through 2019.

      as the value of a vw beetle decreases over time, the cost needed to maintain protection from physical damage is greater than the additional benefit. At some point, dropping physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) will make financial sense and will also dramatically reduce the cost of insurance.

      Removing physical damage insurance coverage on an older Volkswagen Beetle can save $606 per year, depending on where the physical damage deductibles are set and the age of the driver.

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