Catastrophic health insurance plans

Catastrophic health insurance plans are low-cost health plans geared toward people under age 30 and those who qualify for a hardship or affordability exemption.

Although premiums for catastrophic health plans are low, these plans have very high deductibles.

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Catastrophic plans offer the same coverage as all Affordable Care Act plans, including preventive care at no cost, but most other care is subject to the deductible. Read on to find out how a catastrophic health plan works and who qualifies.

what is catastrophic insurance?

A catastrophic health insurance plan is a plan that offers low monthly premiums with a high deductible. is designed to provide a low-cost alternative for people who don’t anticipate a lot of regular health care costs.

what does catastrophic insurance cover?

These plans cover up to three doctor visits each year, as well as routine immunizations and preventive care. catastrophic health insurance also covers the 10 essential services required by the aca:

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