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How much does motorcycle insurance cost in ma

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progressive is our best option for motorcycle insurance in massachusetts. Geico has the lowest rate in the state at $543 per year, according to a study by ValuePenguin. Motorcycle riders in Massachusetts are required to have motorcycle insurance, but you don’t have to break the bank to comply with the state’s liability laws.

We examined motorcycle insurance quotes from several major companies to determine the best motorcycle insurers in massachusetts. Use the quote box above to find motorcycle insurance near you, or continue reading our comparison of companies in massachusetts.

cheapest motorcycle insurance companies in massachusetts

the average price of motorcycle insurance in massachusetts is $866 per year. the national cost of coverage is typically less expensive, averaging what we estimate to be $721 a year.

best motorcycle insurance for most people: progressive

The best motorcycle insurance for most people is progressive. The company has some of the most affordable policies, on average, in Massachusetts. In addition, the extensive coverage that Progressive offers allows you to get complete coverage at a bargain price.

progressive stands out from its competitors for the level of protection it includes in a standard policy. replacement cost coverage and $3,000 of custom parts protection are included in the cost of a regular policy and do not require separate purchases.

Progressive cost motorcycle insurance costs an average of $677 per year, which is about 22% cheaper than the massachusetts state average. the variety of discounts offered by progressive could result in lower premiums. If you qualify, you could receive discounts for requesting a quote in advance, making automatic payments, and having a motorcycle license, for example.

You can also upgrade your progressive motorcycle insurance by adding:

the most affordable motorcycle insurance for most people: geico

On average, Geico has the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts, offering coverage for around $543 per year. this price is about 37% less than the state average cost of motorcycle insurance.

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however, geico only offers a few basic upgrades, such as accessory coverage and roadside assistance.

geico has a strong reputation with an a++ financial stability rating from am best. The company also has a rating of 0.64 on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index. That means Geico receives only 64% of the expected number of complaints for a company of its size, indicating that customers are satisfied with their service.

You could take advantage of the discounts for:

For these reasons, Geico is a good choice for both beginning and advanced cyclists.

best motorcycle insurance for enthusiasts: dairyland

dairyland motorcycle coverage is worth considering if you’re an avid cyclist or if your motorcycle is the only vehicle you own. dairyland offers a rental reimbursement endorsement that allows you to rent a car if your bike is damaged in an accident and you’re waiting for it to be fixed.

Dairyland coverage is the most expensive motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts. coverage can cost $1,380 per year, which is more than $514 more expensive than the state average. however, if you’re a keen cyclist and it’s important that you get specialized, customizable coverage, dairyland might be a good option. You can also add coverage endorsements that include:

how we chose the best motorcycle insurance in massachusetts

Our choices of motorcycle insurance providers in Massachusetts were based on an evaluation of three key characteristics.

These three factors contribute to effective insurance coverage: Ultimately, policies must strike a balance between affordability and sufficient coverage for your assets. In addition, insurers must support their protection with attentive customer service and satisfactory claims service.

Below, we take a closer look at the relevant measures for affordability, coverage, and service.

affordability: motorcycle insurance price comparison in massachusetts

Cost is often the main determining factor for people purchasing motorcycle insurance. We request quotes from providers using addresses throughout Massachusetts. In this way, we were able to arrive at a reasonable approximation of the average price of insurance in the state.

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Because the cost of motorcycle insurance varies based on a number of factors, including your driving history, the type of bike you own, and the amount of coverage you choose to purchase, your rates may differ from ours. We are requesting quotes for a 45 year old driver with 20 years of motorcycle experience, driving a 2021 harley-davidson flhx street glide.

we decided to purchase more motorcycle coverage than is required by law in massachusetts. Instead of looking for the absolute cheapest rates, it’s a good idea if it’s within your budget to purchase enough coverage to protect your assets if you had to completely replace your bike after an accident.

Coverage Options: Evaluating Motorcycle Insurance Policies and Benefits

All insurers offer enough insurance to meet the Massachusetts state minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance, but the providers we recommend offer additional endorsements and the ability to customize your limits well beyond those required by your state.

Most often, we highlight companies that offer a variety of services: high coverage limits, helpful supports and a standard plan that Provides the most practical protection for riders. As your needs evolve, you may want a motorcycle insurance provider that allows you to respond flexibly.

Below, we show the offers of the companies we called in this survey:

customer service: considering the insurance quality of service and claims

Finally, we considered whether the quality of each insurer’s customer service represented a good investment by its policyholders. We analyze the following metrics:

NAIC Complaint Rate: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) calculates the Complaint Rate by dividing the number of complaints an insurer receives by its market share. the expected number of complaints from a company is represented by the benchmark 1.0. a complaint ratio of less than 1.0 means that an insurance provider receives fewer complaints than its size would suggest.

am best financial strength score: am best assesses insurers’ ability to meet their financial obligations, especially in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic event or during a recession. scores are awarded on a conventional grading scale.

motorcycle insurance in massachusetts: costs by city

we created the following table with the rates we collect from all states in massachusetts. Below, we show the average cost of coverage in each of the state’s most populous cities, as well as how each city compares to the average price of motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts.

On average, the cheapest cities are fitchburg and leominster, where coverage costs around $525. By contrast, boston‘s average price of $1,519 is by far the most expensive in massachusetts for motorcycle insurance.

massachusetts motorcycle insurance requirements

Like most states, Massachusetts requires its drivers to have insurance. Massachusetts motorcycle owners are legally required to carry Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Personal Injury Protection, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists insurance.

how do you get a motorcycle license in massachusetts?

You must obtain a motorcycle driver’s license (class m) to legally operate a motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle with no more than three wheels. Fortunately, the process to get certified is quite simple.

Alternatively, you can enroll in the Massachusetts Bicyclist Education Program (MREP) instead of taking a road test. mrep teaches students how to develop safe driving skills. The program consists of classroom instruction and training courses. if you are under 18, you must participate in the mrep.


We collected 138 motorcycle insurance quotes for a variety of Massachusetts addresses. We used the profile of a 45 year old married man who has 20 years of horseback riding experience to get these quotes. The bike we insured was a 2021 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide. Your rates may differ.

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