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How much does martial arts insurance cost

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5-second instant online quote offers extensive coverages that protect studio owners from losing everything in a lawsuit!

Beware of other programs that have exclusions for assault & battery or punitive damages and no coverage for liability or abuse of automobiles not owned/rented & sexual abuse as these issues can expose you to uncovered claims. read the fine print on competitor programs.

Martial Arts Studio Owners Applaud: “No more hassle and frustration of filling out a long application and waiting days or even weeks for a quote!”

If you are an individual martial arts/self-defense instructor who does not own or long-term lease a facility or are simply working on behalf of a studio or program, click here for individual martial arts/self-defense instructor coverage. Self Defense.

commercial general liability limits (cgl)

medical payments for participants

  • Coverage is provided in excess, responding after all other medical coverage available to the participant (such as family health insurance) has been exhausted. deductible may be reduced by payment made by other collectible insurance.
  • two-year benefit period from date of accident.

general liability and medical payments for participant premiums

The above rates are based on a policy limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. higher limits are available during the online application process.

  • no charge for additional insureds
  • rates available from 01-01-2022 to 12-31-2022
    coverage is provided by an insurer rated (excellent) by a.m. best company.

    optional coverages for unregistered members

    subsidiary activities*: $14.50 per participant

    birthdays/social parties: $16.50 per party

    includes coverage for yoga/exercise, meetings/seminars, tumbling (floor only), theater arts/drama, basketball/volleyball, and other activities.

    eligible operations

    * Coverage for these styles applies to the instruction/training program type only. Events/competitions/tournaments in which members of the insured participate with these styles are excluded and not covered by this program.

    **karate includes various styles such as: chito-ryu, goju-ryu, isshin-ryu, shuri-ryu, kyokushinkai, seido juku, keichu do, keichu-ryu, shorin-ryn, shotokan, shito-ryu, uechi-ryu, wado-ryu and yoshukai karate.

    ineligible operations

    Operations that are not eligible for this program include, but are not limited to, the following: Please print the application for a list of exclusions contained in this policy.


    please print the exclusion request contained in this policy.

    additional coverage

    equipment and contents

    This provides coverage for direct loss or damage to your supplies and equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings, signs and non-structural glass due to theft, fire, vandalism or other covered causes (subject to the actual terms and conditions of the policy ). You must insure the full replacement cost of all your equipment and contents to avoid a coinsurance penalty at the time of loss.

    sexual abuse or sexual abuse liability coverage or reimbursement of defense costs for abuse, sexual abuse, harassment or sexual conduct

    This program includes two coverage options for claims arising from sexual abuse or sexual harassment:

    Option 1: $1,000,000 of liability coverage for amounts the insured is legally obligated to pay as damages due to losses arising from any actual or threatened sexual assault or sexual abuse. limit is part of, and not in addition to, the overall liability limit selection.

    Option 2: $100,000 coverage for reimbursement of defense costs only resulting from claims arising from abuse, sexual abuse, harassment, or sexual conduct.

    activities for non-registered members: $1.86 per participant

    birthday or social party- $2.30 per party

    ($150 min premium)

    risk management content

    Visit our risk management page for the following important content:

    • Sample Waiver/Release: Minor and Adult
    • Are waivers worth the paper they are written on?
    • Before signing the rental agreement for the facilities
    • collection of insurance certificates from providers
    • child abuse/abuse protection program – short form
    • types of criminal background checks
    • concussion awareness risk management program
    • sports organization risk management program

    this is not an exhaustive list, please see our risk management page for other articles, programs, videos and forms.

    specialty areas

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