Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery – 2015 Price Survey

How much does gastric sleeve surgery cost with insurance

results based on January 2019 survey

costs may vary depending on your location. Generally, the price of gastric sleeve surgery is slightly higher than that of gastric band surgery and considerably less than that of gastric bypass surgery. According to our 2015 survey, prices in the 10 most expensive states fell nearly 10% and the average price fell nearly 5% compared to 2019. This is likely due to increased competition and demand for the surgery.

  • $9,000 to $27,000 is the price range nationwide.
  • $15,400 is the most quoted gastric sleeve price.
  • $16,800 (rounded up) is the average price for gastric sleeve surgery in the us uu.

Prices above are “pay cash” prices for Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy). ‘cash payment’ is what you will pay if you choose not to use insurance to cover the cost of your procedure, and instead choose to pay in cash (this includes credit cards, etc.). Surprisingly, this price is less than what the hospital would charge your insurance company. there are many reasons for this that are beyond the scope of this article.

price varies by state

prices for gastric sleeve can vary widely in the united states. states with high volumes of surgery appear to have lower cash payment prices. Does this mean you must travel to another state to have the surgery? not necessarily.

Prices for gastric sleeve surgery by state.

While the average gastric sleeve price may be higher in your state, this does not mean that all facilities are priced higher. It’s worth getting prices from various bariatric surgeons and/or facilities in and around your city.

You will need to visit your surgeon several times before surgery. and you will have multiple follow-up visits after surgery. lifestyle changes are necessary to maintain weight after gastric sleeve surgery. changing lifelong activity and eating habits is not easy. most bariatric surgeons have many resources available to help make these permanent changes. These include support groups, a dietitian, and possibly a counselor. If you choose to have surgery out of state, you may not be able to take advantage of these resources.

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states with the lowest gastric sleeve prices

1. oklahoma – $9,800 2. arkansas – $11,935 3. nebraska – $12,300

states with the highest gastric sleeve prices

1. Massachusetts – $31,150 2. Idaho – $24,920 3. Wyoming – $22,250

Is a lower price always better?

There are many considerations when choosing gastric sleeve surgery. where are you going to operate? who will perform the surgery? and how much are you willing to pay? All of these questions play a role in your final decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. and cost is just one factor, not the only factor.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a major procedure and you don’t want to sacrifice surgeon skill for price.

Does a lower price mean my surgeon is less skilled?

A lower price does not indicate that your surgeon is less skilled than a surgeon with a higher price. Many times the cost of the surgery is set by the hospital and the surgeon may choose to take advantage of that price or increase their price. Some surgeons prefer to offer their patients the lowest possible price because they feel this attracts more patients and the higher number of patients offsets any loss in price per case.

Because price is not directly related to surgeon skill, choose a surgeon you love first and consider price second.

is sleeve gastrectomy surgery covered by insurance?

Historically, gastric sleeve surgery has not been covered by insurance. was covered if the surgery was part of a staged gastric bypass procedure for morbidly obese people who could not manage long surgery times without losing more weight. this was called a stepwise procedure. the surgeon would perform part of a gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery and then once the patient lost some weight and recovered, the surgeon planned to finish the surgery. however, most patients lost enough weight after the first part of the procedure. and a second procedure was not necessary.

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surgeons began scheduling more patients for staged duodenal switch surgeries knowing that insurance would pay for the procedure. but they also knew that the patient would lose enough weight and not need a second procedure.

Because of an overwhelming amount of data showing that gastric sleeve surgery caused significant weight loss, more insurance companies began to cover gastric sleeves as the primary treatment for morbid obesity. in 2010, three major insurance companies chose to cover sleeve gastrectomies as a primary bariatric procedure. Since then, many other insurance companies now cover gastric sleeve surgery. check to see if your insurance company covers gastric sleeve surgery.

consider mexico

If you can’t afford bariatric surgery in the US and aren’t covered by insurance, surgery in Mexico is much cheaper. There are many considerations when choosing to have surgery in Mexico.

  • How do I know this is a reputable place?
  • What if I have a complication?
  • What kind of aftercare program do you offer?
  • Is the surgeon skilled?

There are many other questions that need to be answered before choosing to leave the United States for surgery. If you are considering bariatric surgery in Mexico, we recommend starting with an intermediary. These are companies that review bariatric programs, answer your questions, and help you get started.

costs after gastric sleeve surgery

There are not many costs after gastric sleeve surgery. Unlike the gastric band, you will not need regular adjustments by your surgeon to ensure proper fit. Below are some important points to keep in mind.

  • Appointments with the nutritionist are often paid out of pocket or negotiated prior to surgery. these can range from $50 per visit to more than $100 per visit.
  • Compared to gastric banding, very little follow-up is required with gastric sleeves and therefore costs are lower.
  • post-surgery follow-up visits with your bariatric surgeon are usually free.
  • complications can be extremely expensive. if the surgery is covered by insurance, complications are usually covered as well. treatment of wound site infections is usually paid for by the hospital or surgical center.
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other costs to consider

When you choose to have gastric sleeve surgery, you must also choose to change your lifestyle. don’t expect to maintain the same habits you had before surgery and lose weight successfully. the costs below will likely increase after surgery.

  • Food costs may increase. Even though you will eat less, you should eat healthier, and eating healthier usually costs more. maximize every bite of food by choosing the healthiest options that give you the most energy.
  • will you get a gym membership?
  • nutritional supplements? most surgeons recommend protein supplements after surgery. quality protein supplements can cost $50/month or more.
  • new clothes. as you start to shrink you will want to buy new clothes. most people are surprised at how quickly they lose weight after surgery. new clothes are essential. show off your new self!
  • cosmetic surgery? Some people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin after surgery. this is something to consider in the future, but you may want to start saving early if you think it’s something you’ll want to have done.

the complete bariatric surgery patient guide will review each procedure, its benefits, and why some people fail while others succeed.

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