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Patients can recover from and manage a wide variety of conditions through chiropractic care. a standard consultation visit to a chiropractic clinic can cost between $60 and $200. These costs may be somewhat higher if you do not have health insurance or have a plan that does not cover chiropractic care. therefore, it may be essential to review and research the costs of recommended chiropractic services before deciding on a treatment plan.

the cost of chiropractic care without insurance

Compared to other treatment options, chiropractic care is often considered the most affordable alternative. Conditions such as sports injuries or spinal injuries can typically result in high treatment costs. however, when treated with chiropractic therapies, such as spinal decompression or chiropractic adjustments, they may only cost $60 per visit.

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Please find below a detailed list of out-of-pocket costs typically charged at a chiropractic clinic, based on data collected from clinics in the top 4 US states. uu. cities in 2022. You will find details about the respective clinics and what they charge for an initial and follow-up visit. the cost of the follow-up visit may or may not vary depending on the specific treatments administered. all clinics listed below also accept cash as a valid payment method if requested by the patient.

out-of-pocket costs at chiropractic clinics in 4 major us states. uu. cities

prestige health & wellness

$125 for the initial visit

(including consultation and treatments)

$75 for a follow-up visit

(includes massage treatment)

$50 for a follow-up visit

(without massage treatment)

*the price of each visit covers the cost of the consultation, as well as the cost of all treatments and tests administered.

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the chiropractor the

$250 for the initial visit

(including consultation and x-rays)

$90 to $135 for a follow-up visit

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(varies according to treatment)

*treatment administered only at the follow-up visit, which also includes a complementary radiographic report.

chiropractor chicago

$75 for the initial visit

(including consultation and treatment)

$60 to $75 for a follow-up visit

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(varies according to treatment)

*each visit includes a 10-minute consultation with an additional 30-45 minutes of treatment. the price per visit includes all treatments administered.

integral health chiropractic

$145 for the initial visit

(including consultation, test reports and first treatment session)

$85 for a follow-up visit

(includes 1 treatment session)

*the initial visit lasts 45 minutes including the treatment session, and the follow-up visit includes a session of 15 to 25 minutes depending on the treatment.

medicare coverage of chiropractic treatments

Those covered by Medicare Part B are offered reimbursement for chiropractic treatments, such as manual manipulation of the spine. treatment is required to be administered by a licensed chiropractor or qualified provider. Medicare does not cover services such as x-rays (for chiropractic care), massage therapies, or acupuncture (except when acupuncture is given for low back pain).

treatment payment

Patients are generally asked to pay for their treatments per visit. patients are not required to pay in advance for all future treatment sessions, unless they agree to pay a discounted price that is often accompanied by advance payments. it is essential to carefully review all terms and conditions before accepting payments in advance. be sure to ask your provider about the possibility of reimbursement if you are not satisfied with the services or if you decide to discontinue treatment.

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