Cost of Dentures: How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?

How much do partials cost with insurance

Video How much do partials cost with insurance


average cost: $1,400 $1,800

Partials are a great option if you still have healthy teeth left. Designed to fit over your natural teeth, they help prevent tooth loss or extraction and can be removed between meals and while you sleep.

Depending on the type of partial your dentist recommends and the materials used, the average cost is between $1,400 and $1,800. Find out the different costs for each type below or learn more about partial dentures.

metallic partials

average cost: $1,800

Metal partial dentures are the most expensive type of partial denture, costing around $1800. Thanks to their metal and acrylic base, they are durable and put less pressure on the remaining teeth. They are often equipped with a metal clasp that holds the dentures in place. however, they are often considered less aesthetic due to their color and visible fasteners

acrylic partials

average cost: $1,400

Acrylic partials are another possibility to replace missing teeth and are the most cost-effective option, starting at $1400. however, their design often has little or no dental support, which can have a detrimental effect on the surrounding soft and hard gum tissue over time.

flexible dentures

average cost: $1,700

As a mid-range option, flexible denture implants start at $1,700 on average. They are typically made from a mix of acrylic and a small amount of metal, which is used to help hold them in place inside the mouth. plus, the grips are gum-colored, which means they may be a better choice cosmetically.

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temporary dentures

average cost: $900

Temporary or “immediate” dentures cost around $900, making them the most cost-effective option. on the other hand, they are not a permanent or long-term solution. they are typically worn in the interim while your mouth heals from surgery and your permanent prosthetics are built.

Want to know more about preparing for tooth loss? learn more about the steps involved in getting temporary immediate dentures.

types of dental treatments

Generally speaking, the total cost of your dentures depends on many factors: the work that needs to be done, the number of follow-up appointments, the type of dentures you choose to have fitted, as well as the dentist who provides them. the service.

Be sure to talk to your dentist about the treatment plan that’s right for you and your budget.

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