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Car insurance will pay for a car rental if your car insurance policy includes rental reimbursement coverage.

Rental reimbursement coverage is a type of insurance that reimburses you for the cost of a rental car while your damaged vehicle is being repaired. rental reimbursement coverage is optional and costs extra.

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rental reimbursement coverage is typically inexpensive relative to your total monthly insurance payment. it can cost as little as a few dollars a month. however, many drivers choose not to purchase it because it is an extra charge.

how long will rental reimbursement coverage pay me to have a rental car after a car accident?

The answer depends on your auto insurance policy. insurance policies are contracts. the policy describes the terms of the contract. most insurance policies limit rental reimbursement coverage to around 30 days.

what does the rent reimbursement cover?

again, the answer depends on your policy. some policies limit coverage to “rental charges” and specifically exclude the payment of fees or charges for rental car insurance, damage waivers, optional rental car equipment, gasoline, and accessories. That means if you buy insurance for the rental car, your auto insurance won’t reimburse you.

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Know what your policy covers before you rent a car, so you don’t end up with unexpected costs. You can contact your insurance agent or adjuster for help answering this question.

Also, know when rental reimbursement coverage ends. for example, some policies end with the first of the following:

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