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Commercial auto insurance protects the cars, trucks and vans you use when you conduct business. Whether your business fleet is large or small, you’ll need to insure the vehicles you use for business purposes.

Commercial vehicles can include company cars and commercial trucks and vans. box trucks and food trucks are other examples of vehicles that may be covered by commercial auto insurance.

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what is commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance policies cover insurance amounts and usage that will not be covered by your personal auto insurance policy.

If you drive a car for business and get into an accident, your personal insurance company will not pay the claim.

Here are scenarios when you need a business auto insurance policy:

  • the car is used for work only and is a company car
  • transports goods or people in your car, van or truck to work
  • performs a commercial service with your vehicle
  • transports tools or equipment in a commercial vehicle
  • your employees drive a commercial vehicle
  • the truck or van is owned by the company
  • need high liability insurance limits
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    what does commercial auto insurance cover?

    Just like a personal auto insurance policy, commercial auto insurance provides coverage for things like liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, personal injury protection, and uninsured motorists.

    But commercial auto insurance is different in who is eligible, coverage, exclusions, and limits.

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    This is what a commercial auto policy can offer:

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