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Do you have health insurance? you need it? Depending on which minute you check the news, Congress may or may not renew debate on killing the Affordable Care Act or let it die passively while activists renew their calls for universal coverage.

here in the united states, we don’t offer affordable care for all like other places do. As an added bonus, our medical care costs much more than almost anywhere else. cool, right?

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You may not even know if you have health insurance, what it covers, or what that means. that’s completely understandable, as these things can be very confusing. the most important thing is that you learn to stay alive and don’t get too much in debt along the way.

do you have insurance?

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At this time, the Affordable Care Act is still the law, which means you must have some form of insurance or pay a fee, unless you can’t afford any of the plans offered. The budget to promote registration for the ACA has been slashed by the Trump administration, but you can still register between November 1 and December 15, 2017, by visiting Under the ACA, you may also be covered by your parents’ plan if you are under 26 and they are alive and insured.

You can still have health insurance in the US. uu. and still fall into overwhelming medical debt. If you have a plan that seems to pay nothing, chances are you have a high-deductible plan. these are cheaper, but you pay for everything up to a fixed amount, which can be a few thousand dollars a year or much more. This most likely means you are “underinsured”.

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There are also many ways to be in health insurance limbo: maybe you just left a job, you just started a job, you’re unemployed, you’re having a lengthy argument with your job about whether you really have benefits, it’s too poor to pay for a plan, and so on. if you fall into those categories, you are “uninsured.”

find insurance

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If you don’t have insurance, first think about how you might get a piece of insurance. If your options here aren’t great, the job doesn’t offer anything, and you can’t get into your parents’ plan, there are a few other options. If political disputes have strangled your options here in your state, you may be able to find a plan through a high-risk pool or through a state-run program. Finally, if you’re an artist, musician, or freelancer, you may be able to purchase an insurance plan that comes with membership in a professional organization. The Patient Advocacy Foundation is a good starting point for those resources.

If you’re getting by on a small paycheck, it can be tempting to forgo insurance, especially if the insurance looks bad or just has a high deductible. But take it from someone who spent a few years in their 20s paying a quarter of their gross income in medical debt for a problem that started with a simple UTI: your future self will thank you.

overcome embarrassment and simply say: “I don’t have insurance” or “I’m underinsured”

If you have insurance, something bad or you don’t have insurance, practice saying this with me: “I don’t have insurance, but I’m smart.” the next statement is, “I’m underinsured and I’m also a great dancer.” being uninsured is just a quality someone else put on you, not something stupid you did. money is an embarrassment for many people, but there is no need to feel personal shame.

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