At ease là gì

at (one"s) ease

In a relaxed, comfortable, unencumbered, unembarrassed, or unanxious position, manner, or situation. I want you khổng lồ be at your ease here, so please ask for anything that will make your stay more enjoyable. I"m not under too much pressure; they told me lớn submit the report at my ease.See also: ease

at ease

1. Calm và comfortable with a particular task or in a certain environment. She seems much more at ease now that she"s been doing her new job for a month. Kids are usually at ease once they become accustomed lớn the routine of kindergarten.2. In relaxed posture, as of soldiers in the military. At ease, gentlemen!See also: ease

at ease

without worry or anxiety. The performer is at ease on the stage. After she had met a few people, Mary felt at ease with the group.See also: ease

at ease

1. Also, at one"s ease. Comfortable, relaxed, unembarrassed, as in I always feel at ease in my grandmother"s house. The related idiom put at ease means "make comfortable, reassure," as in I was worried that the letter would not arrive sầu in time, but the postmaster put me at ease . <1300s> For the antonym, see ill at ease. 2. In a relaxed position in military ranks. The phrase is often used as a comm& for troops standing at attention lớn relax, as in At ease, squadron. The command stand at ease is slightly different. A British military dictionary of 1802 described it as standing with the right foot drawn baông xã about six inches and one"s weight put on it. An American version is khổng lồ stand with one"s feet slightly apart & the hands clasped behind one"s back. See also: ease

(stand) at ˈease

(in the military) used as a comm& to lớn soldiers lớn tell them to stand with their feet apart & their hands behind their backsSee also: ease

at (your) ˈease

relaxed and confident và not nervous or embarrassed: I never feel completely at ease with hlặng. OPPOSITE: ill at easeSee also: ease

at ease

1. In a relaxed position, especially standing silently at rest with the right foot stationary: put the soldiers at ease while waiting for inspection.

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2. Used as a comm& for troops to lớn assume a relaxed position.See also: easeSee also:

at ease

1.without worry or nervousness;comfortable安适;自在;自如His mind was never at ease from the first day he got married.从结婚的第一天起,他心里就没有平静过。After the doctor"s visit, the patient felt more at ease.经医生出诊看过后,病人感觉舒服多了。2.having facility or readiness才思敏捷She is quite at ease in speaking English.她英文说得十分流畅。

at ease|at one"s ease|ease|her ease|his ease|my ea

adj. or adv. phr. 1. In comfort; without pain or bother. You can"t feel at ease with a toothabịt. 2. or atone"sease Comfortable in one"s mind; relaxed, not troubled. Often used in the phrase "put at ease" or"putatone"s ease." We put Mary at her ease during the thunderstorm by reading her stories. Compare: AT HOME2. Antonym: ILL AT EASE, ON EDGE.3. Standing with your right foot in place & without talking in military ranks. The sergeant gave sầu his men the command "At ease!" Compare: PARADE REST.

ill at ease

feel nervous/uncomfortable He appeared khổng lồ be ill at ease during the interview.

ill at ease|ease|ill

adj. phr. Not feeling at ease or comfortable; anxious; worried; unhappy. Donald had never been khổng lồ a big buổi tiệc nhỏ before & he was ill at ease. When Joe first went lớn khiêu vũ school, he was ill at ease, not knowing how lớn act. Antonym: AT EASE2.

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put at ease

put at ease
see at ease.

put you at ease

cause you to lớn relax, break the ice An embarrassing moment can sometimes put you at ease.

set your mind at ease

help you to stop worrying, cause you to lớn relax Here is some news to phối your mind at ease: the kids are safe.

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st& at ease

stand at ease
see at ease, def. 2.
at an unearthly/ungodly hour at an ungodly hour at anchor at any cost at any price at any rate at arm's length at around at bat at bay at bechồng & điện thoại tư vấn at best at best/worst at bottom at cđại bại quarters at cthua range at cross purposes at cross-purposes at daggers drawn at death's door at death's doorstep at door at doorstep at each other's throats at earliest convenience at ease at elbow at every turn at expense at face value at face value, take at fault at feet at fever pitch at fingertips at first at first blush at first glance at first glance/sight at first hvà at first light at first sight at full blast at full cochồng at full pelt at full speed at full strength at full stretch at full throttle at full tilt at grade stamp stamping ground st& stand at ease stvà fast st& guard stvà in awe
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